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July 30, 2014, 01:56:19 AM
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 on: Today at 12:28:25 AM 
Started by tappybot - Last post by tappybot
I have a loose CD of B.C. Racers (U.S. Sega CD). I'm guessing you'd want it complete?

Yeah, in the case of disc games, I think it'll have to be complete.
Thanks though!

 on: Yesterday at 11:42:46 PM 
Started by Doc - Last post by nerdynebraskan
I played a bit of Pocket Zaurus this afternoon. It was the first Famicom cart to sit in my Famicom besides my Asder 20-in-1 in almost a month. But now that I've beaten all of the games redundant from the Caltron 6-in-1 for the Nintendo Age challenge, my Asder is probably going back on the shelf for a long time.

 on: Yesterday at 11:04:00 PM 
Started by ericj - Last post by security16
Unreliable fuck buddies or ones where only they get off  Sad Also my lack of decent PAL SNES games

 on: Yesterday at 10:57:41 PM 
Started by fcgamer - Last post by security16
I feel for all you guys. Being a woman I still don't get women either! I see retro gaming as a special sort of history that you just can't learn about unless you play them and some of it is personal history. It might seem juvenile to some but you know what who gives a fuck I see it as preserving history. Sadly my bedroom tv isn't compatible with the famicoms and superfamicoms but I have my NES and SNES hooked up to it and hurrahs the supergameboy lets me play tekkaman blade Cheesy Which is also a part of my personal history

 on: Yesterday at 10:43:00 PM 
Started by ericj - Last post by P
Oh we often get around 30 C in summer but this year is more like 34 C. Swedish buildings generally have good insulation but my shitty apartment doesn't. I'm fine with the cold in winter if I just put on a sweater, but there's not much I can do against this heat when I have to sit in front of the computer all day with this stupid report.

I can't complain though we pray for this kind of weather all year round here in England.
Swedish do that too, summer is generally the most loved season here. Personally I prefer spring.

 on: Yesterday at 10:14:07 PM 
Started by JC - Last post by P
Nice Soul Blader! Classic action RPG from Enix! I've played it a lot but I've never beaten it.

 on: Yesterday at 10:06:52 PM 
Started by Alex930 - Last post by P
Really nice and shiny robot! I love it too!

 on: Yesterday at 10:04:16 PM 
Started by samsavell - Last post by P
Yes sounds like it's the motherboard. I'm no good with hardware but check out the schematics (http://nesdev.com/Ntd_8bit.jpg). Controller II is under P5 so check all those traces ("$4016 D0", "Out 0" and "$4016 CUP"). If they are fine it might be in the CPU or something else.

Disconnecting the II con and using an external controller is a temporary solution (won't work with all games).

 on: Yesterday at 09:49:43 PM 
Started by tappybot - Last post by DDCecil
I have a loose CD of B.C. Racers (U.S. Sega CD). I'm guessing you'd want it complete?

 on: Yesterday at 09:45:59 PM 
Started by jamespoo - Last post by DDCecil
I have 2 extra copies of this cart that I'd like to get rid of if anyone is interested.
$12 PPD in the USA.
I'm in the US so it'll be a lot faster than from China!
Please PM me if interested. They play fine on my Famicom Twin.

If you still have one on Friday (when I get paid), I'll take one!

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