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October 21, 2014, 01:09:30 AM
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 on: Yesterday at 11:50:27 PM 
Started by maxellnormalbias - Last post by maxellnormalbias
You say the above user is a pretty cool guy, and say what eh does and that eh doesn't afraid of anything.

Example: I think fcgamer is a pretty cool guy, eh runs a blog and doesn't afraid of anything.

 on: Yesterday at 07:43:47 PM 
Started by compile_6502 - Last post by compile_6502
I know that Famicom World itself has a nice release list for Famicom & FDS.  Is there a more complete list?  I am only interested in official releases and exact release date & price.

What's considered the most complete and accurate source for this?  Obviously a website would be great, but I wouldn't mind a Japanese book / magazine either.

 on: Yesterday at 06:28:39 PM 
Started by fcgamer - Last post by cieniu71

 on: Yesterday at 03:50:32 PM 
Started by fcgamer - Last post by fcgamer
Another member on here had asked to purchase one of my Famicom light guns, one of the clone guns that came with one of my Famiclones.  My worry is that someone, somewhere along the line is going to find a problem with me sending one of these light guns through the mail.  I am worried, since this isn't a fake-looking gun, it is in realistic colors and what not.  Am I just being overly worried?  Or is this something to be concerned about?

 on: Yesterday at 03:31:23 PM 
Started by Bonneville97 - Last post by Bonneville97
Dont think leonk was trying to be rude, there was a "please" in there even. Hard to pick up tone by reading. I do agree what one does with one's consoles , dead or otherwise, is their business. A source for av connectors is a good thing no matter how you look at it.


 on: Yesterday at 03:09:26 PM 
Started by Bonneville97 - Last post by thepandaofnom
If the console is broken what is the problem. I looked for replacement multi outs and none that were affordable were found.  I found a broken snes for $5. The other factor is that once someone buys something it is theirs to do with as they please. I am sorry if I am being rude but it is rude to me to tell me what to do and not do with my possessions.

 on: Yesterday at 10:32:35 AM 
Started by Japan-Games.com - Last post by L___E___T
Is there a price check list for these silver series games anywhere?  Which are the hardest to find?

 on: Yesterday at 02:13:33 AM 
Started by senseiman - Last post by senseiman
Thanks guys  Grin  He was born safe and sound!!

 on: Yesterday at 02:09:01 AM 
Started by senseiman - Last post by jorygriffis
Yes, congratulations!

 on: Yesterday at 02:08:55 AM 
Started by Doc - Last post by preparefordescent
Like the guy above I was playing a little bit of Akumajou Densetsu today.  Just love the audio too much.

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