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December 02, 2016, 03:56:20 PM
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 on: Today at 03:09:04 PM 
Started by DaGameNerd - Last post by Mi5terDNA
Don't get banned Wink

 on: Today at 02:26:54 PM 
Started by DaGameNerd - Last post by DaGameNerd
My 3DS is nodded & so any region game will work, alongside that I could just download the game for free (or yes buy it here) but if I can find a better deal from another region why not?  Embarrassed

 on: Today at 01:09:29 PM 
Started by lucifershalo - Last post by lucifershalo
Hello I am in Belgium,
and looking to trade the following Famicom Games for other ones
looking for loose carts only....

also an empyt Argus box (not good condiition)

 on: Today at 12:15:16 PM 
Started by Pit - Last post by Syco54645
You're right, i think i have a scheme on my computer, i'll post it soon.

Did you look on the Web to see the prg wiring ? I think it's more than just one signal to rewire with the 27c020

Post Merge: Yesterday at 06:13:25 PM
Just remembered, there's no need of rewiring on sunsoft fme7 32 pins prg/chr and 27c020

Hey that worked! I had lifted CE and connected to the ground pin. Removed that jumper and wired into the hole and it works fine. No idea why but thanks! Perhaps Jensma could update his guide with this info.

 on: Today at 12:11:21 PM 
Started by DaGameNerd - Last post by Mi5terDNA
Is it hard to find locally?  I think there's millions of copies in the wild right now.

 on: Today at 11:08:06 AM 
Started by DJ - Last post by P
Hmm besides the forbidden color $0D, there is one other thing that Codemaster games are known to do that may cause problems.

The PPU port register $2004 is write-only on earlier-to-mid Famicom PPUs. It became readable from PPU revision G-0 and later. Codemaster games relies on the readability of this register, and if it's write-only there will be graphical glitches and such. Micro Machine is jumpy in all menus but plays quite fine otherwise (I tested this on my own Famicom). Only late Famicoms and all NES systems has the newer PPUs with the readable $2004. You can tell what revision you have if you look on the label of the PPU chip.

If this is the case, there is nothing wrong with your adapter or Famicom, it's just that Codemasters made their games with poor knowledge of how the system works.

 on: Today at 10:30:09 AM 
Started by Ryo - Last post by UglyJoe
+1  Starman

Got Family School for an amazing price!

 on: Today at 10:28:58 AM 
Started by Jay-ray - Last post by UglyJoe
Got Family School, thanks!

I would have grabbed Idol Hakkenden and Nakayoshi to Issho if I didn't already have them.  $30 is a steal for either of those.

 on: Today at 08:15:22 AM 
Started by DaGameNerd - Last post by crazyjesse
You say that region is unimportant but are you aware that 3DS consoles are region locked?

 on: Today at 08:00:36 AM 
Started by LordRayken - Last post by P
I think Dracula II is a fine action RPG. The Japanese version doesn't contain as many false hints as Simon's Quest (although a few still exists) as most of them was the result of a rushed translation (no ducks on graveyards). Also the FDS expansion enhanced music is very good.

I see, Since you included Esper Dream I thought any game was fine, but I see now that Esper Dream has a fan-translation. With the emergence of FDSStick and similar devices people can enjoy the many translations without having to rewrite disks. Hopefully someone will translate the two Famicom Tantei Club games someday.

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