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September 19, 2017, 02:14:46 PM
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 on: Today at 07:44:03 AM 
Started by Hubz - Last post by Ghegs
I'm not terribly interested in FDS as hardware, but the book does look nice and it goes nicely with my other Famicom-related books. Ordered.

 on: Today at 03:43:36 AM 
Started by Hubz - Last post by fcgamer
Order placed, being sent to my American address.  With a little luck it will arrive before my brother leaves to come to Taiwan, and then I can be reading this book by Sunday night!!!

 on: Today at 03:39:13 AM 
Started by pirate - Last post by fcgamer
The first picture, I'd do $15 each, then decrease slowly if there are no bites, wouldn't take less than $10 for any of those.  If Wizards and Warriors is the USA version, I'd offer you $20 shipped for it.  Because most of these games were never officially released on the Famicom, they do have some value to some collectors. You may even be able to get $18 - $20 for a few of them, depending on who is buying.

Second picture, the multis, I'd do $15 as well.  Again, rare games (like Doropie), and NES exclusives that never saw release on Famicom.  Less desirable than the single carts though, imo.

Third picture, the two lower-numbered carts maybe $10 - $15, depending what games are on them.  The rest (the 10 billion in one-style carts), pure rubbish.  $5 each, at max, I have a ton of carts like that and can never get rid of them even for $5.

 on: Yesterday at 08:14:12 PM 
Started by MaxXimus - Last post by L___E___T
Sorry to hear about all of these problems.  I have friends that had similar problems, but all of them were fine before they started messing around with this stuff.  I hope it doesn't get legalised here.
Without getting political or causing any unintended offence, I'm completely against this stuff even recreational use - but I get that medicinal is different and can genuinely help people.
So I hope both of you are fine and are managing OK, I really hate to hear about these kinds of difficulties from my friends, so I really wish that it will all work out OK for you.

 on: Yesterday at 08:12:01 PM 
Started by Protoman - Last post by L___E___T
Another one I thoroughly enjoyed - thanks Protoman!  BTW did you already know about the powered up robot suit?  Keep the buddy alive and get three more power ups and it's yours!

 on: Yesterday at 04:02:43 PM 
Started by pirate - Last post by pirate
I will appreciate if anybody can help to pricing them.

 on: Yesterday at 03:15:38 PM 
Started by ClassicGameLabs - Last post by marmelad
Hi guys, I;m famicom fan so I'm happy to be here Smiley

 on: Yesterday at 03:09:30 PM 
Started by Doc - Last post by marmelad

 on: Yesterday at 01:10:36 PM 
Started by MaxXimus - Last post by MaxXimus
 Iíd like to talk to you through p.m. about your synthetic cannabinoids use if you donít mind? I started out making my own blends and near the end was just smoking the pure chemical. It was absolute hell.

Post Merge: Yesterday at 01:31:27 PM
I sent a PM. feel free to reply some time if you like. Smiley

Post Merge: Yesterday at 01:35:31 PM
Also Canada is in the process of legalizing marijuana. Should be there by the end of 2018. For now it is still a federal offence for those without a medical document to possess it. Itís strange though because BC has a bunch of dispensaries up where you can go buy pot so Iím not sure how that is working.

 on: Yesterday at 11:41:32 AM 
Started by Hubz - Last post by Hubz
Kurt says there should be more available later today, just FYI.

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