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February 06, 2016, 09:41:08 AM
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 on: Today at 07:35:11 AM 
Started by Jay-ray - Last post by Jay-ray
Bump. @ L__E__T I tried registering for that sega forum but for some reason it told me my email address was banned I found this very odd since I've never tried to register before. I sent an email to them no response. I'm not gonna create a new email to appease there forum.

 on: Today at 06:59:20 AM 
Started by Doc - Last post by Ghegs
I've been playing the mostly unknown puzzler Shi Kin Jou on and off for a long while, but now, at level 77, I'm calling it quits. I love a good block-pushing puzzle game a la Sokoban, and this one was great at start, but it introduced new mechanics that pretty much ruin it for me.

One of the things I enjoy about Sokoban is that you can look at the game board and plan your moves in advance, so if you can read far enough ahead you can solve a previously unseen level on the first try. Everything's out there in plain sight. In Shi Kin Jou that's true for early levels, but then they introduce invisible pitfalls. There's nothing there to indicate it's a trap square, but once you step on it, you have to start the level from the start. The only way to find these is to step on them. And then shortly after, the game introduces stacked tiles. Again, nothing to indicate anything out of the ordinary, but make certain tiles disappear and suddenly there's another tile in your way in the same location. It just feels like bad "ha ha, gotcha!" type of design to me.

The difficulty curve is also completely out of whack. The first level is challenging but then it's a lot easy levels until a difficult one comes your way again. No rhyme or reason to it. Many levels I solved by what felt like completely by accident, making them seem sloppily designed. Props to the game for a fun main mechanic, having three unique audiovisual styles to choose from and an import-friendly password system, but it would've been so much better had those additional ideas just been thrown out completely.

 on: Today at 06:42:19 AM 
Started by prince tomato - Last post by prince tomato
this means i probably won't be getting one after all.

 on: Today at 06:37:08 AM 
Started by senseiman - Last post by m0therbrain
PM thanks!

 on: Today at 05:43:59 AM 
Started by jamesholodnak - Last post by schnuth
Very cool looking device.  Any chance someone could whip up a case or enclosure?

 on: Today at 02:13:12 AM 
Started by M-Tee - Last post by M-Tee
For those that don't peruse the NA forums, I'd like to start discussion of this here. It was programmed by NA forumer, user, and was the first game released from Sole Goose Productions (who is now working on his second release, a 2048 clone from the same programmer).

The game features a minimalist graphics style, which I find appealing in the same way that table-top RPGs are, as it leaves a lot to the imagination.

Its battle system is unique, in that you have a short time per character's turn to input a button combination to choose your action. The combinations are shown on screen through the use of symbols.

Although they did some limited and numbered editions with different packaging, the standard version has just recently been released.

I actually illustrated the cover art, and designed the packaging, logo, and manual cover for this.

btw, I inquired about a Famicom release, and SGP said that he'd love to do one, but without a source of new boards and cart shells, the upfront costs would be too high. However, if anyone's interested in purchasing an NES copy, they're available for sale here (NA) and here (FB).

As for the art, I'll be selling posters of the artwork probably next month (same as my Pyronaut posters), if anyone's interested in those as well, PM me or reply here.

So, what do ya'll think?

Have you been following this title? Is this the first you've seen of it? Thoughts on the gameplay / packaging?

 on: Today at 12:26:06 AM 
Started by Elysiom - Last post by Pikkon
That wont work as a twin fami ac adapter is centrer pin positive,plus it wont fit.

What would be ideal is a slim ps1 ac adapter as its in spec,all you will need to do is replace the tip with a Barrel Size: Outer Diameter 5.5mm; Inner Diameter 2.5mm.

 on: Yesterday at 10:02:29 PM 
Started by Elysiom - Last post by leonk
I think your standard sega genesis model 1 AC/DC adapter is a perfect fit for this system.

 on: Yesterday at 03:49:14 PM 
Started by JC - Last post by UglyJoe
Sadly I don't - but I found his e-mail address in his profile - perhaps you could try shooting him an e-mail?

You can see his email because you're a moderator Wink

 on: Yesterday at 03:35:28 PM 
Started by Yodd - Last post by Arasoi
They are back in stock at play asia, but they raised the price:


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