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October 25, 2014, 06:45:00 AM
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 on: Today at 05:53:52 AM 
Started by StJackie - Last post by StJackie

 on: Today at 12:02:31 AM 
Started by smileyman8b - Last post by RetroGamerTMD

Here's a Hyundai N64, not too sure how much it was going for, I didn't ask. There was a lot in these stores, which was surprising to me because I didn't think Koreans played that many console games.

Picked up this guy, only about 1000 won (10$)

These were some interesting pirate carts. The Super Famicom one has a lot of great games, Goof Troop, First Samurai, Lamborghini Challenge, I'd never heard of these and was pleasantly surprised.

The Famicom cart has Ninja Gaiden 3, Silk Worm, I can't reall remember what else. The MegaDrive cart is weird, it contains all Master System games, and a bunch of hacks, I can't play a lot of them because they require the Master System Arkanoid controller.

 on: Yesterday at 11:26:22 PM 
Started by Alex930 - Last post by Bob-Bob
Well, that explains where Bomber King went.  Tongue

 on: Yesterday at 10:55:21 PM 
Started by maxellnormalbias - Last post by maxellnormalbias
So, I know about the NTDEC/ASCII Stick Turbo Jr., but was there ever a Famicom version of the NES Advantage, sort of like the NES and BPS Max?

 on: Yesterday at 10:22:01 PM 
Started by MaxXimus - Last post by MaxXimus
Bump. I have done it again people. Discuss.

 on: Yesterday at 07:48:57 PM 
Started by maxellnormalbias - Last post by P
Unlike most other written languages Japanese is almost always written the way it's spoken. The only exceptions I can think of is the two particles は and へ that are pronounced [wa] and [e] respectively although they are written with the characters for ha and he (as most spelling inconsistencies in languages this has historical reasons behind it, they were originally pronounced [ha] and [he] in classical Japanese).

Note that words like ekisutora and conpyuuta are not broken English, they are simply considered Japanese words with foreign origin (and written in katakana to make that clear). Although Japanese people that have trouble with English pronunciation will pronounce more like the Japanese versions of English words, and will often not understand what you mean if you pronounce too much in proper English (like what Raverrevolution experienced in Akihabara).

 on: Yesterday at 04:23:52 PM 
Started by smeghead - Last post by smeghead
Cake (chocolate!)

''Keep your friends close and your enemies closer'' or  ''I'll make him an offer he can't refuse''

 on: Yesterday at 06:31:23 AM 
Started by Toneman - Last post by nintendodork

My face has changed a little since my last post in this thread.

 on: Yesterday at 06:27:17 AM 
Started by JC - Last post by nintendodork
This wasn't a recent find, but I thought I'd share here that over the summer I found Kirby's Epic Yarn and Return to Dreamland for $10 each. Thanks, random, slowly-dying video rental store in central Kansas.

 on: Yesterday at 06:15:34 AM 
Started by FamicomRetroGamer - Last post by nintendodork
I don't see a general Smash 3DS thread so I'll post here.

I guess I always used L for blocking with the Gamecube controller...
Same. Immediately after I downloaded the full game, I switched the guard and grab buttons. It's so much easier, in my opinion, to have your shield on L in case you want to do a side dodge. It's just one quick muscle movement instead of having to use both hands.

My favorite characters right now are Greninja and Duck Hunt. Greninja is just everything I want in a Smash character: A fast, hard-to-predict, powerful fighter who is also a Pokémon. Duck Hunt is such a unique concept and is so fun to use. The Mii Fighters are surprisingly amazing too. Mii Brawler and Little Mac are just different enough for me, and Mii Swordfighter is just a composite of all of the best parts of the other swordfighting characters. Not a fan of Mii Gunner so much.

Also, just a personal grievance here: I really don't like how much Kid Icarus is being represented in this game. I get that it's Sakurai's less notable series and whatever, but using Smash as a vessel to show it off wasn't the right choice. Dark Pit was probably one of the most undeserving clones and could have easily been an alternate costume like the Koopalings and Alph. Dr. Mario at least has quite a few different custom moves, so I'll give him that in defense of his own character slot.

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