Famicom Disk System (FDS) errors

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Disk Set Err. 01 = The disk did not set properly.
Battery Err. 02 = The batteries are dead.
Write Protect Err. 03 = The FDS is unable to write to disk.
Game Maker Err. 04 = ?
Game Name Err. 05 = ?
Game Version Err. 06 = ?
A,B Side Err. 07 = The wrong side of the disk inserted.
Disk No Err. 08 = No disk has been inserted.
Disk Trouble Err. 20-29 = Unidentified disk error.
Disk Full Err. 30 = There is no more space left on the disk.

Did I miss any? Help me fill in the blanks.

Game Maker Err. 04 = ?
Game Name Err. 05 = ?
Game Version Err. 06 = ?

4 and 5 are I think when you get a bad pirate port. 6 is when you get a game that needs to be updated and hasn't been, I THINK. I'm not too sure though.

Jedi QuestMaster:
What's Err 40? I got that when resetting a game (after hacking the crap out of it).

Error 40 = Please stop hacking our fucking games. :)

ERROR.01 No disk card
ERROR.02 No disk power supply
ERROR.03 Broken prong on disk card
ERROR.04 Wrong maker ID
ERROR.05 Wrong game name
ERROR.06 Wrong version name
ERROR.07 A,B SIDE ERR.07 Side number wrong
ERROR.08 Disk #1 wrong
ERROR.09 Disk #2 wrong
ERROR.10 Disk #3 wrong
ERROR.20 F screen data differs
ERROR.21 Disk header block(*NINTENDO-HVC*)part is wrong
ERROR.22 Disk header block reecognition isn't read and can ignores
ERROR.23 File recognition block  can't read for several reasons and can ignores
ERROR.24 File header block recognition  can't read and can ignore
ERROR.25 File data block recognition  can't read and can ignore
ERROR.26 Can't save properly to disk card
ERROR.27 Block end mark seen and ends prematurely
ERROR.28,ERR.29 The disk unit and the same period can't take it.
ERROR.30 Disk card too full to save.
ERROR.31 Data number of a disk card doesn't match up.
ERROR.40 Go Rutgers!



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