Idea-Tek and TXC Corp.


I posted this over at DP but didn't get any answer.  I'm hoping that here someone will be able to help me since it's a bit more famicom related.

There is a link between Idea-Tek and TXC Corp (both taiwanese companies) but I'm really not sure what it is. The game Poke Block was originally developed by Idea-Tek in 1991 (some prototypes exists) but when released by AVE/HES on the Maxi 15, the title was changed to Stakk'M and the copyrights were 1992 TXC Corp. Both games are exactly the same except for the title screen. You can clearly see the Idea-Tek logo (select 1 or 2 players) on the title screen of Stakk'M

The game was also released in famicom format with the ID MGC-012. The MGC-XX ID appear on games that have an opening screen with TXC and Micro-Genius copyrights.

Another exemple is F15 City War. It was developed by Idea-Tek, published by AVE/HES/Milmar (NES) and on famicom carts. However, a black NES copy of the game has been found with TXC copyrights on the PCB with the ID MGC-06 on the label.

So, does it mean that TXC bought the rights to publish the games from Idea-Tek or is TXC simply the same company as Idea-Tek under a different name? I'm not sure if I'll have an answer because not many collectors know these 2 NES developers very well. Idea-Tek developed games like F15 City War, Puzzle, Rad Racket and Venice Beach Volleyball that were sold by AVE in the US.

jbholio, did you ever figure this out? I'd be curious to know the answer.

I like learning about companies, I wonder about this, too.

Nope, still not sure if TXC bought Idea-Tek or if TXC is just Idea-Tek but under a different name.  However, it seems all Idea-Tek games were re-released by TXC/Micro-Genius.  Haven't seen Rad Racket but it should also be re-released.  I've seen famicom games and NES games being released by TXC.

Xiao Ma Li -> Bingo (MGC-005) - famicom
F-15 City War -> F-15 City War (MGC-06B) - NES
Puzzle -> Puzzle (MGC-07B) - NES
Poke Block -> Mahjong Block (MGC-008) *** - famicom
Enjoyable Horse Raging -> Horses Racing (MGC-009) - famicom
Poke Block -> Poke Block (MGC-012) - famicom
Poke Block -> Stakk'M (found on Maxi 15) - NES
Venice Beach Volleyball -> Volleyball (MGC-??B) - NES

*** same game but the tiles have mahjong signs on them instead of numbers.

Other TXC/Micro-Genius titles include:
-3 in 1 Supergun
-Chinese Chess
-Journey to the West
-Thunder Warrior
-Strike Wolf

TXC/Micro-Genius were still making games in 1994 because Journey to the West has a 1994 copyright on the blue opening screen.


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