FINISHED - 1262 Famicom games for imbnes - tested ALL
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Sadly i don't have much time  to keep trying
Are you going to die tomorrow?

i can do one by one, but ONLY if someone want to do the work with me
This is kinda weird way to ask for help ???

Are you going to die tomorrow?

Is called real life, waste too much time in something like this has no use

Its the same,  i finish testing everything.

The final ISO with 933 working roms+emulator is in mediafire

Oh, your utility looks very nice, thanks, but only windows here,  i try to compile in gygwin, but not good luck

/src/copynesl/cartctl/cartctl/nesutils.c:156: multiple definition of `_get_files
../settings/libsettings.a(dir.o):/src/copynesl/settings/dir.c:264: first defined
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Sadly i don't have much time  to keep trying  :'(

Strange error.  I will have to try cygwin sometimes.  The part of the application that communicates with the copynes needs POSIX, so it doesn't work in windows, but It used to compile in cygwin at one point...

Anyway, there are tons of applications that will produce a CRC for you, and like I said I think many emulators tell you the CRC every time you run the game.

But if having mappers, CRC or PRG/CHR will help someone to help me with the non working roms, i can do one by one, but ONLY if someone want to do the work with me

If not, the working ones are there, more than 920 games  for enjoy in the beautiful PSOne


Well, i post here to share the task of  test the non working roms  :-[ thats the idea of posting

If we were going to do an organized undertaking, the adding some fields for confirmed working on real hw field to bootgod's db would probably be the way to go...


I don't need help for the working ones, because they work very well  ;D

For examples, some roms, if i change the mapper, they work.  Like  Super Mario Bros 2 lost levels, from mapper 40 to 4

Some games run on mappers that are very similar to other mappers but are just tweaked a little.  If your emulator doesn't support mapper 40 but does support mapper 4, changing all the ones using mapper 40 to mapper 4 may get them to run on that emulator (they may just run slightly incorrectly).  For the emulator developer, this means you can implement partial support for that new mapper just by pretending it's the old one..
Unfortunately, I don't know an easy way to get a list of what mappers are like that..

Also, if you look up each of your games in the database and make sure that your ROM file has the correct mapper, that would weed out any that are just wrong.

If you can get a list of which mappers your emulator claims to support from somewhere, that might help.

Any / all emulators will generally support 0-4, since those are the core ones.  Anything with numbers over 20 I would be suspicious of, and anything over 60 even more so.  There is a limited number of possible numbers that will fit in the space allocated in the ines header, and emulator developers kind of took it upon themselves to assign them so although it doesn't happen often, sometimes with the later numbers a number could mean one board to one emulator and another board to another.. :(

Anyway, with some of the later numbers, it might be possible to look up information about the mapper and see if it's possible to fudge it by pretending it's a simpler mapper.

I know that Gemfire, Bandit Kings, and Lempereur (and probably a few others) are mmc5 (mapper 5), which is difficult to emulate and many specialized emulators don't bother with it, so probably that isn't a bug so much as a design decision not to implement mmc5

ROTK2 is MMC5 as well, so it should be in the unsupported mapper list same with nobonaga 2 and 3
How did you decide which items to put in the unsupported mapper category vs the supported but fails?  Probably if you look up all the mappers, several more would have the same mappers as the unsupported ones

ROTK 1 and Genghis Khan are MMC1 (mapper1) though, there is no excuse for those not working

Thanks crade  for the long reply

About cygwin, i compile a lot of unix stuff there, but not always work at the first time, most of time because dependencies problems
Sadly i have two problems now, first, no time to play much, and second a 56k internet connection... download packages is a pain

Ok, about the roms

I already finished testing the more than 900 working roms, then i made a ISO and share on internet

But i keep testing the non working ones,

Answering your question,   imbnes support  0,1,2,3,4,7,9,11,34,66,71 mappers

and about ROTK 1 and Genghis Khan....

I test Genghis Khan first,  because i see that both games are from same company, they look have same problem

Aoki Ookami to Shiroki Mejika - Genghis Khan (J).nes  >  NOT working
Aoki Ookami to Shiroki Mejika - Genghis Khan (J) [h1].nes > WORKING WELL
Genghis Khan (U).nes  >  NOT working

ok, using google,  [h1] means "hack", then is a hacked version

next, i open the roms in nestopia, and this is the info i get


Aoki Ookami to Shiroki Mejika - Genghis Khan (J).nes

CRC:          FB69743A
SHA-1:        35E34C7F7370A1CCB34014A62AD526BCC5F2B48B
System:       Famicom
Board:        HVC-SOROM, Mapper 1
PRG-ROM:      256k
V-RAM:        8k
W-RAM:        16k
Chips:        MMC1A


Genghis Khan (U).nes

CRC:          2225C20F
SHA-1:        209911D7BD15ABB7BEF2E35A473DF725B6738CD7
System:       NES-NTSC
Board:        NES-SOROM, Mapper 1
PRG-ROM:      256k
V-RAM:        8k
W-RAM:        16k
Chips:        MMC1B2


Aoki Ookami to Shiroki Mejika - Genghis Khan (J) [h1].nes

CRC:          067BD24C
SHA-1:        FFE1B9CD23B070C3103D17D558B4CFA381A0FF24
System:       NES-NTSC
Board:        SNROM, Mapper 1
PRG-ROM:      256k
V-RAM:        8k
W-RAM:        8k
Chips:        ?????

it look like the only difference about the NON working, and the working one, are that the hacked version, NOT have reference to ANY chip...

I need to learn how to hack the roms and do this...

In imbnes, the USA and Japanese normal version of Genghis Khan  only give a black screen....

I don't have the famicom genghis cart, but that US rom's CRC is right and matches the one I dumped off my cart and also the CRC listed on bootgod's db.  I would say that one looks like a bug in the MMC1 implementation in that emulator to me...  Can you confirm that the ines header is correct?  Should be mapper 1, horizontal mirroring, batterybacked yes, trained no.

Some emulators will autocorrect the mirroring for you if it's wrong in the header, so sometimes a rom with the wrong mirroring set will work in one emulator and fail in another.  nestopia probably has a way to tell you the mirroring...  I know fceux tells it to you on boot of the rom.

The hacked version has a different CRC, which means the ROM is different so who knows what changes they made to it..
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