Which Super Famicom games won't work on SNES

Started by Trium Shockwave, November 08, 2008, 03:20:52 pm

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Trium Shockwave

I recently picked up a lot of 5 likely god-awful anime based SFC games on eBay, but what I really wanted was the cartridge adapter the seller was including with them, so I wouldn't have to molest my SNES. Considering I got the lot for $23.49US, I find this to be a good deal. The cart adapter is probably worth more than that by itself.

Now, I had heard that almost all SFC games work on the SNES, with the exception of a few SuperFX titles. Does anyone know which titles in particular don't work? I have a feeling that any SuperFX game worth playing (Star Fox) got a US release anyway, but I'm curious so I know what to avoid picking up JP versions of.


I think that EVERY SFC game would work on the SNES, the hardware is exactly the same, even down to the CIC.
The problem occurs with European consoles. JP & US consoles are the same, except for the cartridge shape.


I agree with 133mhz they all should work because of the same hardware they have. The SNES is just a US version of the Super Famicom.
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