Help Identifying Famicom to NES adapter

Started by StabbyShark, September 11, 2021, 09:34:52 pm

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Found this adapter in a box of my old goods, it doesn't seem to match the descriptions of any of the famicom adapters listed on this website.

It also says Taiwan Konami on it... anybody know of any adapters made by Konami besides the Q?


Hi! First of all, thanks for sharing this lovely adaptor with us! If you ever decide to get rid of it, I might be interested, as I'm trying to gather as much Taiwan-related gaming stuff for a project of mine :)

Now onto your question:

Of course Konami is a Japanese company; however it possibly had some odd / shady things going on over in Taiwan. A lot of legitimate Konami Famicom game PCBs (Contra, etc) have been found inside bootleg game cartridge shells. This suggests that Konami might have been trying to take a part in the bootleg game market over there (as normal folks couldn't afford real non bootleg products) back at this time.

Alternatively, *two* local Taiwanense companies had also tried to register a trademark for the word Konami, yet their applications were rejected as Konami themselves had registered first. Both of these local companies seem to have been involved with video games, well one of them actually was a joystick and cable company primarily. This also seems like something they might have made.

So one island, three Konamis. Two were unlicensed / bootleg manufacturers, and the third, while a legit Japanese company, seems to have done shady stuff here as well.

I know this raises more questions than it answered, but one of those companies surely made this.
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Wow, I had no idea about the multiple Konami companies! You were right though, your post just makes this adapter all the more mysterious...

And I was actually just trying to do some detective work because I am culling my collection. I'll PM you 😉