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Last game you played?

Started by Doc, July 29, 2006, 11:54:18 pm

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What do you know? Lode Runner! Yeah, the Famicom port. And I've just beaten it... for the first time, even though I played this one as a kid a lot, I couldn't complete it in a one sitting. Also Mission: Impossible.

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How far did you get in Mission: Impossible? Are you still playing it?

I just played Renegade. I hate mazes. :pacman:

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Quote from: Jedi Master Baiter on March 31, 2023, 11:11:04 pmHow far did you get in Mission: Impossible? Are you still playing it?
I still can't beat the first stage! It's ludicrously long. Seriously, the title of this game fits like a glove. Besides I don't play Famicom/NES games until I get a replacement CRT, the current one is on the verge of wearing out, I'm afraid. I can hear static through speakers and blue colors flash like crazy, which makes games like SMB, TwinBee and others with copious amount of blue unplayable.

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I just heard about the Martingale betting system and thought it was a pretty easy strategy so I decided to use it in Vegas Dream.

I placed one bet on even, won $10, was invited to go see someone, fell down a flight of stairs, and now my hospital bill is $200. Wow, just like real life. :'(


Ha, wow, Vegas Dream.  I had that game as a kid and did somehow land at that Martingale betting system (though I never knew it was called that).  Watch out for that double zero spot!

Later on I found out about this password hack and used it to beat the game really quickly:

Quote from: undefinedWhile you're playing, get a password, reset the game and enter the password with the 17th and 18th characters switched. Your available cash will increase by millions.


Hello Kitty World, of all things. I didn't expect this to be a port of Balloon Kid for the original Game Boy. And it's really... Game Boy-ish, so to speak, considering the framerate and music style. Nintendo could've released it as a straight-up port without the Sanrio license, but it's still a blast to play.


Last game I played was super mario world 2 yoshis island ... trying to get 100 percent on everything but I'm so rusty it's really hard lol
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