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Show Your Stash!

Started by vealchop, November 18, 2006, 08:10:40 am

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My collection  :)
-Hacker series

-Keyboard FDS by Konami

-Judgement Silver Sword first printed and reprint


-Famicom Square Button (Buy from Chist)

-Sweet Home

-Meizon Ikkoku



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feather man....NICE display case! I gotta grab some of those frames too. You got them at Michael's you said?


Yeah man, every week in the newspaper is a coupon for 40 or 50% off a single item at Michaels so I picked one up each week.  Also Aaron Brothers has a 40% you can print from there website so you could just print however many you need and use one a day.  I didn't actually go to Aaron Bros and look for those frames though, but I'd guess they're probably the same as Michaels.  After the discount the frames run about $10 or so each.  And the display case is from Ikea!



Here's mine:

It's not anything particularly spectacular, but it does include custom label inserts by moi for the universal game cases. The games atop are the ones I either haven't made a label for or I haven't traslated the titles for yet. To the top right is my Earthbound proto followed by three little sound things.


Those game cases look awesome, and stack very nicely too :D


Yeah gotta love those game cases! They are real nice!
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October 29, 2007, 03:29:53 pm #68 Last Edit: October 29, 2007, 03:47:30 pm by satoshi_matrix
Here's a better shot:

and a much better look:

and here's the prize of my collection, my complete Rockman set with custom labels!

and a much better look:

And in case your wondering what these look on the front, here's my set of Megaman 1-6, which are modified from the Rockman labels. I don't have a picture of the Rockman set right now, but here's basically the same cover, just with the English Megaman title where the Rockman logo would be. I basically edited my edited work  ;D These covers were a pain to do since I wanted to maintain a uniformed style.

and a closeup:


Those are some awesome covers. Love the work!
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November 02, 2007, 09:45:28 pm #70 Last Edit: November 20, 2007, 10:14:37 am by JewWario
I would like to take you all through my collection that I call the C.H.E.E.T. Museum (Carmical Haven for Electronic Entertainment Technologies). Clicking on the images opens a bigger more detailed image.

I have everything set up in the room so that I cat turn on and play any system at any time on either tv.

We start with the far left wall and work around to the right. Up first is the NES/SNES/SUPFAM wall.

I have much memorabilia and games stored here.

A friend of mine in 1985 used to put his NES carts like this on the wall... and I gess I got that bad habit too

This is the manga I collect... and the Samba de Amigo stuff to the right of that. Go/Baduk boards and books on the top shelf.

Ah, and now the Atari 2600s

Then I have all my Famicom and Genesis/Mega Drive games on this spindle. I think it's around 105 Famicom and 12 Genesis/Mega Drive and 3 32x.

Next to that is the Other stuff

The Meouth is autographed by Bruce Campbell...

...and the bulbasaur autographed by George Takai, Alice Krige (the Borg Queen), Robert Krimmer and Jeffery Willarth (Babylon 5), & Salomi Jenn (female shapeshifter from DS9)

The empty space above the SNES is for the inbound Super Famicom I just won a few days ago. YEE!

Then the rack next to that one...

Japanese PS1 above the US PS1

My meager Wii collection

American PS2 to the left (flip top) and the Japanese PS2 slim to the right

Japanese Dreamcast above the US one

And finally, my homemade Pop'n Music Controller (building blog here).

Hope you all enjoyed my collection!


I am enjoying your Pop'n ASC. How much did it cost to build?


Thanks! ~$100... give or take. It's all described on that link page. All the pics, info, and directions are there.


Wow such a great collection wario! Your room rocks!
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Hew JewWario, your NES has the same chipped edge as mine! ;D

Also, I love your new shiny Wii connected to the old Hitachi :D