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Something that annoys you

Started by ericj, June 06, 2008, 05:22:35 pm

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Now I'm even more confused! ???

I thought, for some reason, someone at your apartment complex orders food from next door and the scooter comes in and parks wherever they want for a brief amount of time, not there's no parking next door so someone parks their scooter at your apartment complex for extended lengths of time!

If it's blocking the entryway, why are you the only one complaining? Is it because it's Sunday? Are you the only one being inconvenienced?

Also, which owner are you talking to? Owner of the restaurant or owner of your apartment?

By the way, smokers who discard their cigarette butts on the ground doesn't make much sense unless you hate people and the environment or something... but smokers in the military who did this on base makes no sense whatsoever considering the fact that we have to field day our area every week! So they would have to pick them up anyway, but they still did it! Fucking pendejos, I swear!


I have no idea how the other people feel about the parking. I guess they just deal with it, probably never having experienced anything else in their lives.

I spoke with the owner of the shop about the situation.

I don't smoke, so I don't particularly enjoy cigarettes butts on the ground. Moreso, though, I just don't want the area where I'm living looking like a dump. It's odd that there's room for parking at the shop, and also this guy never throws cigs at his restaurant. He doesn't want his area looking like a dump either, obviously
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I'm still curious how the situation is with your scooter parking, fcgamer. I hope it's not going on 2 years later! :o

As for something that annoys me: I don't understand why, well after several years into the 21st century, products still use faulty rubber buttons like the FC/NES Start/Select that wear out.