Help getting RF Famicom to work on tv

Started by Saab93, January 29, 2022, 05:22:36 pm

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Hi guys, i have a question for my Famicom.
I know my console works, the RF switch works, and the universal power supply works, i just need help connecting it to my 19" [screen] 1988 Panasonic CRT television. This tv won't go to 95, but i know from past research that it can work on U.S. ch. 6, but you have to take the cover off to adjust the screw, if i turn the console on and turn on ch. 6 it will get sound but very very poor video quality, [but maybe i just have to use it at night or in the morning, when my neighbors don't have anything that broadcasts an analog signal on] but it might be the system i rigged, and that is run the RF switch to an Insignia thing, from that to the tv. is there another way to do this without taking it apart or something?



And yes, i did bypass the insignia and got the same thing.


Shoot, this was completely useless, I remember I had an AV Famicom which would work w/ an RF modulator, which are not had to find.