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Something that annoys you

Started by ericj, June 06, 2008, 05:22:35 pm

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Jedi Master Baiter


Facebook. Fucking Facebook. People won't stop reposting the same 4 bawww stories over AND FUCKING OVER again. Damnit.


Cars cutting into my lane directly before me.  >:(


Quote from: manuel on September 26, 2011, 06:50:22 pm
Cars cutting into my lane directly before me.  >:(

Agreed. especially when the car you drive is 40 years old


Quote from: petik1 on September 23, 2011, 04:27:00 pm
I haven't seen one news report on the stuff that's going on on Wall st.

Mainstream Media is being told not to report it becasue they are being paid by banks; the very people responsible for the riots. Do what you can: You may want to read my stance on the Wallstreet riots:


it's been widely reported here in the UK.  

Just read your post though - that's some medicated idealism right there ;)
My for Sale / Trade thread


It has also been reported on Japanese news programs, but only very shortly.


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I am annoyed that I missed this thread. When I saw it just now I nearly fell out of my chair. D:

I know I should be online more often... but if something like this comes up again, spam the hell out of my PM inbox and email!! :D

Not even BSing you. If you direct me to an auction for this or a Computer TV-Game and I win, I will pay you a finder's fee. For real.


Oh yes it hurts to miss out on auctions or items... happens to me all too often...
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My own stupidity.
I just gave somebody a wrong email for a paypal payment.  :-[ I hope it can be reversed...


Some of the idiots over at GameTZ... the ones I have encountered recently. Probably best not to post their names... losing the motivation to make trades with people. I did rant about their activities on IRC earlier.

Short: They don't want to make worthy trades, they only want to make small ones which really isn't worth the time or money to ship. They list items as available than they tell you that they don't want to give them up for anything. :crazy:


Viacom in YouTube always acting douchey.

Parodius Duh


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Stupid people.

I just saw a bumper sticker that says, "Save America. Buy American"

...on the bumper of a Toyota.

You are not so smart.


Save America. Slowly lower the American government into a pool of boiling oil.