Family BASIC Super Thread

Started by UglyJoe, July 05, 2015, 07:05:15 pm

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This thread will serve as a portal to other threads about Family BASIC on the form.  It's a work in progress.  If you have anything to add, just reply here and I'll get around to merging things into the first post.

Manual Translations:

Family Basic Manual - Translating what is left
Family Basic V3 Manual Translation


The (unofficial) Family BASIC reference manual *now with new revision!*

Sample Programs:

Family BASIC noise channel
Family BASIC palette change
Family Basic Prorgam - Matrix Effect
Controlling ROB with Family Basic
Family Basic programs from 任天堂のファミリーコンピュータファミリーベーシックがわか
Space Harrier Boss BGM in BASIC
Family Basic Tapes and Misc


Family BASIC
Family BASIC VRC7 conversion released!
peeking and poking around family basic.
family basic token help
Game made with Family Basic and compile to ROM download here
data recorder tape images
Family BASIC scrolling backgrounds

External Links:

Converts VirtuaNES FB save states to standalone NES roms

Makimura Manufucturing Family Basic Hacks
Has hacked versions of FB that run with VRC7 and MMC5 with extra features

Japanese site with some manuals and sample programs

Scans of a Japanese book on Family Basic.  Has sample programs in it and goofy illustrations.  Can be downloaded here.


Something to add.
The basics of using the Noise Channel in Family BASIC:



Subbed.  Thank you for this thread.  We are going to do a video on Fami Basic w/ data recorder soon. 
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Yes, please do! There simply isn't enough information on Famicom BASIC in English online and your video would totally be a lot of people's first look at the Family BASIC stuff.




Awesome thread.  I'm immersed myself in all things Famicom as of late, and these guides are gonna make me.take the plunge and buy a basic setup.


I'm going to have to read thru this thread more... I wanna give Family BASIC a try :D


just got my keyboard today, itching to use it! thank you SO MUCH!



Bummer.  You can still get to it via, but the two program listings are gone.  It does have the NesterJ versions, so I should be able to extract the program listings from those.


I've been prepared for this. Here you go:

The program listings are in JPG screenshots though.


Thanks for this wonderful thread!!!