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Buy / Sell / Trade / Re: Prices added WTS FDS port ...
Last post by Jay-ray - Yesterday at 10:30:09 pm
Take all FDS ports for $1,000.
Famicom / Disk System / Re: What the hell is Yume Kouj...
Last post by adori_12 - Yesterday at 04:22:01 pm
Lol it would be weird if for no apparent reason Mama had Chapter 1 cleared in the actual game, but if that's the only dump you could find then it's understandable. If only the game had a file delete function, dumping it would have been easier back in the early days (and you could see the single character endings more than once).

Exactly! Think about it: You first select your character, then you push start to go to the game. So why "PUSH START" gets the priority? In fact that's exactly what SMB2 did, "PLEASE SELECT PLAYER" appears at the top because that's the screen you're at. :)
I used to always think Mama had a headstart by default because for the longest time the only dump of this game I could find started her on Chapter 2-1. I was so dumb. :crazy:

As for the subject, it looks like it would have made more sense to switch the
text with the
text so that you know you're at the
screen rather than the
Famicom / Disk System / Re: What the hell is Yume Kouj...
Last post by adori_12 - January 27, 2023, 08:34:34 am
Well it has an extra space at the "?" so it looks like it's a value you can change instead of a question. You can't blame me for such an odd way to ask a question for a player.
Famicom / Disk System / Re: What the hell is Yume Kouj...
Last post by Skawo - January 27, 2023, 05:07:56 am
Uh, what?
That's just the game asking you "Do you want to change your character?" in dodgy english.
Famicom / Disk System / What the hell is Yume Koujou: ...
Last post by adori_12 - January 27, 2023, 12:38:01 am
This game has been talked about to death, but something nobody seems to mention is the "PLAYER CHANGE" that appears at the character select screen. What does it mean? I've never seen it display anything other than "?", no matter if you haven't played any world, if you beat the game with one, two, three or all characters, or any combination, it never changes. The manual doesn't mention it either. Such a minor thing that doesn't affect the game, but it bothers me that there's no apparent reason for it to exist.

Other Gaming / Re: MSX3 and MSX0
Last post by adori_12 - January 27, 2023, 12:09:55 am
Oh sorry I misunderstood you, that's also what I've been doing, checking the site for the models I find.

Well that's sadly the case for most retro things in general, we're not a very big market so most companies don't invest that much in it. But still better to have an MSX successor than nothing I guess. Hope it comes out great.

So there's variants of BASIC? I thought they were all cross-compatible. Still I think it's a great language, a lot more understandable for me than other languages. It's perfect for the power or these computer too, being rich enough to allow for excellent software, but keeping things basic ;)

Really?? Oh it must have been so cool to play those games, something you could only do on computers because it's not like you can play a broadcasted Famicom game. At least there's still some of that magic left when you look for old programs on the Internet, you don't really know what you're getting until you run the program.

Is MSX's BASIC is more capable than the C64's then? That was the other system where I'd like to toy around a little with programming.

That actually makes a lot of sense. If I had to add it I think it would be the very last one, so it gets beginning and end for joystick 0, odd for joystick 1 and even for joystick 2. It's not very confusing is it?  :) Well but still there wasn't that much need for trigger B so a bit useless to do that.
...Wait now that I think about it, why even have trigger A in the first place if you could just read the Space key with INKEY$? I guess it would be the same situation where the numbering would be unintuitive again. Anyway thanks a million for the explanation, means a lot to me  :D

Ohhh, an interesting alternative! I'm already playing with an SNES controller plugged to my PC and I do like it. I can't find them on eBay right now but I suppose they're fairly common, or at least a bit more common than MSX controllers... :-\
Other Gaming / Re: MSX3 and MSX0
Last post by P - January 23, 2023, 04:09:34 pm
I forgot to answer this question:
Quote from: adori_12 on January 20, 2023, 12:09:58 amWhy doesn't Trigger B exist in Joy0?
That's just how whoever programmed the MSX BIOS designed it. SPACE makes sense to use as a trigger button in games but there is no clear second choice, even though MSX games often uses M or N as a second trigger button when the player is using the keyboard, possibly popularized by Konami. On later computers (including modern IBM PCs) it's common to use Z and X (where Z is "A"/confirm/jump and X is "B"/cancel/attack) as trigger buttons for games that only need two buttons, but I don't think I've seen this in MSX games.

It's anyone's guess why the programmers designed it like that but I think it sorta makes sense if you consider the following:
The MSX joystick ports are numbered 1 and 2 since that is how humans number things, but in computer systems things are often numbered starting from 0 (so 1 means the second item). They could have done it like Family BASIC where STICK(0)/STRIG(0) is controller 1 and STICK(1)/STRIG(1) is controller 2, but by inventing a "virtual" joystick 0 mapped to the keyboard, you get STICK(1) for the joystick 1 stick and STICK(2) for the joystick 2 stick which is a bit more elegant, don't you think?
That doesn't really answer why there is no second trigger for joystick 0, but watch this:
STRIG(0) joystick 0 trigger A (SPACE)
STRIG(1) joystick 1 trigger A
STRIG(2) joystick 2 trigger A
STRIG(3) joystick 1 trigger B
STRIG(4) joystick 2 trigger B
If we had a joystick 0 trigger B, the numbers would be bumped up to 2 and 3 for joystick 1 and 2 trigger A and 4 and 5 for trigger B. By reserving 0 for the keyboard we get the more elegant situation where joystick 1 get all the odd numbers and joystick 2 all the even ones.
So to summarize, by removing joystick 0 trigger B we get an uneven number of total buttons (5) which fixes the asymmetry you get when you start counting from 0 instead of from 1 and from having an odd number of joysticks (3).

Now the virtual "joystick 0" is a bit superfluous since you can just read the keyboard to find out the state of any key you want, instead of using the joystick reading commands. In BASIC that is done using the INKEY$ command.
10 K$=INKEY$
20 PRINT ".";
30 IF K$=CHR$(24) THEN 50
40 GOTO 50
50 END
This program simply prints out dots until you press the seldomly used SELECT key (code 24), which is quite a unique key for the MSX keyboard. In openMSX the SELECT key is mapped to F7 by default. CTRL+X also works because that's the control code for the SELECT key.

Edit: BTW I just remembered that there are a lot of adapters like the Popolon JoySNES. That may be an alternative to buying an expensive MSX joy-stick/-pad.  SFC/SNES controllers are very available and the extra buttons can be supported by games (some games have been patched to support it). It also allows using a SFC/SNES mouse as an MSX mouse. I've been considering getting one of these myself but I haven't done so, so I can't say anything about the build-quality of this adapter.
Although it's also cool to own a real MSX joypad as well. :)
Buy / Sell / Trade / WTB - Pac Boy Famiclone
Last post by CloudGamerX - January 23, 2023, 09:00:17 am

I have been on the hunt for a very specific Famiclone for the past 10 years now. I first saw it on this YouTube video:

From there, I had been looking to get my own. While doing research on it, I did learn it has a red variant called the "Family Game". I am certain it was under other names too.

If anyone happens to have one of these rounded Famiclones, I would certainly be interested in it.


Famicom / Disk System / Re: New Open Source FD3206 Mod...
Last post by Mosdef - January 23, 2023, 01:31:45 am
Sorry Stephen, I should of been more specific. I meant the programming of the chip, I have an Eeprom programmer but it has been a year since I used it. I used to update chips on pinball machines to newer codes for people so I'm a bit rusty on the file I have to use on your github plus finding a ATF16V8A-PU15 in Australia... On you Github it's the PLD file isn't it? Cheers
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