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September 16, 2019, 07:12:22 AM
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 on: Yesterday at 11:05:03 PM 
Started by ericj - Last post by fcgamer
I have no idea how the other people feel about the parking. I guess they just deal with it, probably never having experienced anything else in their lives.

I spoke with the owner of the shop about the situation.

I don't smoke, so I don't particularly enjoy cigarettes butts on the ground. Moreso, though, I just don't want the area where I'm living looking like a dump. It's odd that there's room for parking at the shop, and also this guy never throws cigs at his restaurant. He doesn't want his area looking like a dump either, obviously

 on: Yesterday at 04:37:39 PM 
Started by ericj - Last post by Jedi QuestMaster
Now I'm even more confused! Huh

I thought, for some reason, someone at your apartment complex orders food from next door and the scooter comes in and parks wherever they want for a brief amount of time, not there's no parking next door so someone parks their scooter at your apartment complex for extended lengths of time!

If it's blocking the entryway, why are you the only one complaining? Is it because it's Sunday? Are you the only one being inconvenienced?

Also, which owner are you talking to? Owner of the restaurant or owner of your apartment?

By the way, smokers who discard their cigarette butts on the ground doesn't make much sense unless you hate people and the environment or something... but smokers in the military who did this on base makes no sense whatsoever considering the fact that we have to field day our area every week! So they would have to pick them up anyway, but they still did it! Fucking pendejos, I swear!

 on: Yesterday at 01:08:11 PM 
Started by ericj - Last post by fcgamer
Well the scooter is parked at the apartment parking, not the restaurant, it's blocking the entry for scooter parking, and it's parked on slanted yellow lines. it's not 100% about being parked in or not, it's just plane disrespectful imo, and then the owner of the shop also comes over to that area, smokes cigs , and throws the butts on the ground, despite having an ashtray available for customer use. I mean, with such piss poor attitude like that, why would anyone like this guy?

 on: Yesterday at 12:20:30 PM 
Started by ericj - Last post by Jedi QuestMaster
I'm confused. Huh Is he blocking everyone or just you? I say put a note on the bike as fair warning. Is it physically impossible to get out or is it physically impossible to get out without damaging property?

 on: Yesterday at 09:06:24 AM 
Started by ericj - Last post by L___E___T
Just move it out the way and if he complains say you gave him fair warning.  Should be light enough to lift, or just lift one wheel.  Doesn't matter if renting or not, there are no 2nd class citizens.  Not even parked straight.

 on: Yesterday at 08:52:06 AM 
Started by ericj - Last post by fcgamer
The breakfast shop next to my apartment. I went out to go to church, was greeted to this...how can I get my scooter out if the parking area, if the food panda food delivery service scooter is parked blocking the entryway.

I've talked bto the owner about this many times, he doesn't give a crap and just laughs at me, telling me since I just rent, there is nothing I can do. Such a dick he is

 on: Yesterday at 08:51:49 AM 
Started by boye - Last post by MasterDisk
Is this a spinoff of the FW subreddit?

 on: Yesterday at 04:45:57 AM 
Started by noattack - Last post by 80sFREAK

SPC and TAB are from v3, isn't it? Just checked my disasm, they presented in the token list, but  using them will genereate "ERROR"

They're in 2.1, as well.  My theory doesn't hold water, anyway.  It's storing spaces internally as 0x20 (even if you use multiple spaces).
My disasm is for v2.0
            .byte "RN„RESTORE…THEN†LIST"
            .byte "‡SYSTEMˆTO‰STEPŠSPRI"
            .byte "TE‹PRINTŒFORNEXTŽPA"
            .byte "USEINPUTLINPUT‘DAT"
            .byte "A’IF“READ”DIM•REM–ST"
            .byte "OP—CONT˜CLS™CLEARšON"
            .byte $9B
            .byte "OFFœCUTNEWžPOKEŸCGS"
            .byte "ET VIEW¡MOVE¢END£PLA"
            .byte "Y¤BEEP¥LOAD¦SAVE§POS"
            .byte "ITION¨KEY©COLORªDEF«"
            .byte "CGEN¬SWAP­CALL®LOCAT"
            .byte "E¯PALET°ERAïXORðORñA"
            .byte "NDòNOTó<>ô>=õ<=ö=÷>ø"
            .byte "<ù+ú-ûMODü/ý*ÊABSËAS"
            .byte "CÌSTR$ÍFREÎLENÏPEEKÐ"
            .byte "RNDÑSGNÒSPCÓTABÔMID$"
            .byte "ÕSTICKÖSTRIG×XPOSØYP"
            .byte "OSÙVALÚPOSÛCSRLINÜCH"
            .byte "R$ÝHEX$ÞINKEY$ßRIGHT"
            .byte "$àLEFT$áSCR$"
            .byte $FF
TOKENJMP:   .word $9146,$90C6,$857C,$9126
            .word $98E0,$836D,$85AF,$80D7
            .word $836D,$836D,$A7F3,$8740
            .word $927E,$930D,$9198,$93C2
            .word $94F6,$8343,$9204,$994D
            .word $964E,$8343,$86DA,$8717
            .word $AB75,$9226,$954D,$836D
            .word $C0F0,$8382,$91DF,$A746
            .word $A932,$C0CE,$820B,$9A1D
            .word $B30F,$97FC,$978C,$C0B6
            .word $95AA,$BA4E,$A887,$A6CA
            .word $9496,$918C,$91CA,$A6EA
            .word $C0ED
TOKENJMP2:  .word $A369,$A40A,$A485,$A31A
            .word $A3FF,$A358,$A39F,$A379
            .word $836D,$836D,$A5FB,$A6AA
            .word $A6B9,$A346,$A34F,$A4BE
            .word $A32E,$A2F3,$A461,$A4B5
            .word $A520,$A5BD,$A574,$A41D

            .byte "RN„RESTORE…THEN†LIST"
Note, that token THEN is 6th in the table
TOKENJMP:   .word $9146,$90C6,$857C,$9126
            .word $98E0,$836D,$85AF,$80D7
and it's subroutine located at $836D

           .byte "RNDÑSGNÒSPCÓTABÔMID$"
TOKENJMP2:  .word $A369,$A40A,$A485,$A31A
            .word $A3FF,$A358
            .word $A39F,$A379         ;RND, SGN
            .word $836D,$836D,$A5FB,$A6AA;SPC, TAB, MID$
            .word $A6B9,$A346,$A34F,$A4BE
            .word $A32E,$A2F3,$A461,$A4B5
            .word $A520,$A5BD,$A574,$A41D
SPC and TAB utilizing same $836D routine, which appeared to be "error handler" or something like that. There is also tricky code  Embarrassed
L836D:      lda #$01
            .byte $AE
L836D+2:    lda #$04
            jmp LA98F

At $A98F located main routine of "error handler". Parameter sent in A.

 on: September 14, 2019, 10:41:31 PM 
Started by ericj - Last post by UglyJoe
When my cats play target-practice with their hairballs:

 on: September 14, 2019, 07:38:43 PM 
Started by noattack - Last post by UglyJoe
My best guess at this point, without looking at a disassembly, is that they're reserved but not implemented?

That's my new current guess, but I'm going to try and poke around the rom a bit more.

Too bad, since they'd be useful in situations where you want to control spacing and have to type lots of blank "   "s to get the proper distance.

You can do tabbed output with the PRINT command by separating your strings with commas.

PRINT "A","B","C","D"

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