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For Metroid, that is actually pretty close to normal.  I can only assume there is a lot of data that needs to be read. 

Usually for an FDS game it makes one good pass, and then it loads into the RAM Adapter or asks to be flipped over.  Think of it like a tape deck vs an old PC drive -- the read head cannot seek, only make one (assume full) pass at a time.
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Last post by Sho - Today at 05:34:50 am
Quote from: portnoyd on September 08, 2020, 12:58:49 pmAm I correct in reading that you are just looking for the disk only? If so:


A few games you want are still available and cheap. Shipping sucks now, but if you buy enough, it spreads out to an acceptable level. He just got in new stock 2 weeks or so ago, keep an eye out for the next one.

Thanks so much again!  This site has helped me out immensely to get some titles.

I also removed a good deal of stuff I have since gotten!  And more to remove once they get here from Japan. :)
Famicom / Disk System / VRT Famiclone (modern)
Last post by FAMICOM_87 - Yesterday at 05:31:00 pm
I found very cool modern Famiclone  from 2019  :crazy:  :gamer: 
just notice the flash Intel chip it is like a mirror - pure crustal  :o  ! And the main IC
the video and sound quality are very decent!  8)
Unfortunately it is in PAL mode (the place for switch is for disabling the flash memory - I tried)


and the official manufacturer web site with documentations:


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Last post by mt777 - Yesterday at 12:05:30 pm
Can buy or exchange from something from my stuff
Technical & Repair Assistance / Re: Family Basic Question
Last post by P - Yesterday at 11:19:55 am
It almost sounds like the wires are incorrectly connected. You are not using an adapter or extension cable or anything?
Maybe some of the wires or pins are making contact to each other, or some connections are just dirty.
Technical & Repair Assistance / Re: Family Basic Question
Last post by MegaSilverX1 - January 15, 2021, 06:39:59 pm
I messed around with the modifier keys and things are still pretty much the same. I noticed that when I press the kana key it changes the blinking white box in the OPERATOR box where the text you type appears to a line (like an underscore_), but when I press the kana key again, it doesn't change back to a white box. Also after I press the Return key to get to the COMPUTER/OPERATOR menu, the Return key stops working and will only work if I press it while holding down the Shift key. Gotta say, I wasn't expecting the keyboard to be the troublesome part in the Family Basic set up; the Data Recorder I thought was going to be the finicky device to use, but its been mostly easy to get to work and load created levels in stuff like Arkanoid II.
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Last post by bobrocks95 - January 15, 2021, 02:37:40 pm
After 2 years and several attempts (I had a thread on here last March) I finally got my Disk System reading almost all of my games.  I have a couple of errors still though that are confusing me, mostly from my lack of knowledge.

- Metroid loads so much slower than everything else...  It's like 3 whole passes of the drive head down the whole disk, flip to side B, then 3 more full passes.  Is this normal?  Seems to very consistently be 3 so I dunno if it's read errors or what.  The drive head reads about 3/4 of the way down the disk, pauses for a split second (with the access light off), then continues, wraps back around, and gets to about the same 3/4 spot on the disk before repeating.  I haven't gotten an error with it yet.  Normal, or not?

- The one disk that consistently worked with my previous alignment (Knight Move full boxed/retail copy) now gives Error 23 consistently!  I had assumed before maybe it was in the best shape of all my disks, but now I don't know what's wrong- could this be one of those disks that was written for an improper alignment that I've read about?

- One error 27 reading side B of Ai Senshi Nicol... Worked the next time I tried it.  ~7 other disks/games worked first try, so I'm not in a rush to take that drive apart for the 5th time...

Anyway, 5 billionth post about calibrating a disk system, sorry lol.  Any input appreciated!
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Last post by RetroSunday - January 15, 2021, 11:57:28 am
Hello, is this console still available?
Technical & Repair Assistance / Famicom blue screen
Last post by Kfirka - January 15, 2021, 10:12:38 am
The famicom outputs This blue screen. This is not what the tv shows when there is no signal. It shows this only when the famicom is on. There is no sound.
I cleaned the pins both on the famicom and the cart.
Technical & Repair Assistance / Re: Family Basic Question
Last post by UglyJoe - January 14, 2021, 07:39:56 pm
Quote from: MegaSilverX1 on January 14, 2021, 06:32:46 pmwhen I try to use Family Basic pretty much all of the keys except for a few random ones like ¥, [, and @ don't respond.

Try slapping the modifier keys a bit to see if any of them are stuck (both shift keys, GRPH key, CTR key, kana (カナ) key).  I can't recreate your issue exactly, but some of those modifier keys will stop the others from working on that "COMPUTER/OPERATOR" menu thing that boots up.
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