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Technical & Repair Assistance / Re: Ext. ports C & D on Twin F...
Last post by P - Today at 10:38:31 am
Yeah it sounds like port C and D are just the Twin's version of the RAM Adapter cable plug and the disk drive port respectively (and external RAM Adapters or disk drives could be used with it this way if you have the right adapters), but then you say you get garbled sound and errors if you remove it. That's not what happens if the disk drive is removed on a normal Famicom, so it sounds like there's more to these ports.

Also RAM Adapter pin 8 and Twin pin 12 doesn't seem to be used in Loopy's diagram, which makes it sound like they are not analogues. But it might just be that this pin isn't needed by the FDSSstick.
Hi there,

"But if the FDSStick works in it, it sounds like it's for connecting the disk drive?"
Yeah, that's what I meant with
"So my assumption is, that port C and D is actually the connection between internal RAM adapter and Disk System."

According to (bottom of page), the pins of Port C and the pins of the RAM adapter should be the same.

Maybe somebody else wants to try what happens if connection between port C and D is removed. At least we can confirm that it is not the same if the cable is connected or not.

Famicom / Disk System / Re: Famicom RGB Mod Retro Tink...
Last post by P - Yesterday at 03:11:11 pm
I was wrong about RetroTINK, it seems it does interprets composite artifacts correctly. ;D I guess the fine font in this game is prone to some distortion in NTSC.

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This picture is taken on a CRT with a 600 TVL (which is a semi-high CRT resolution). TVL is basically a CRT TV's horizontal resolution ability (since a CRT doesn't have pixels).
Off-Topic Chat / Re: Coming and/or leaving
Last post by P - Yesterday at 09:18:53 am
Welcome back Tonev! :) Forums have been a bit dead lately (which is kind of strange considering retrogaming had another boom lately due to the pandemic) but I think it has started to live again.
Famicom / Disk System / Re: Family Basic Tapes and Mis...
Last post by ozidual - August 01, 2021, 06:12:14 pm
Ahh that makes sense. Checking my spreadsheet - TR, ON, and OFF are all given their own bytes for programming purposes.  That probably means my spreadsheet is made for FBv3.0 only.  I guess I'd rather have it all working in FBv3.0 anyway to standardize it all.

Along the lines of code errors in books, I scanned in my copy of 'Lets Play With Family Basic!' (ファミリーベーシックで遊ぼう!) and found a slip of paper in it with code corrections.  It's all uploaded on archive along with Me and My Family Basic Classroom (ぼくとわたしのファミリーベーシック教室) and Game Game 20 (GAME GAME 20 ファミリーベーシックで遊ぼう!).  I updated my links above to include those.

They're all from a company called Micro Design I believe.  I'm still working on getting their Let's Sing With Family Basic to round out the collection.  I'd love to get their box/tape sets with Game Game 20 and Let's Sing as well, but we'll see.  It isn't FB, but I picked up their only other Famicom book which is for Golf. I'll upload that at some point.

I'm working on the audio for a different book right now, but I do plan to do the Game Games 20 and Me and My Family Basic Classroom audio as well.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I linked my scans of the Famicom Data Recorder when I updated everything above.  Also I just added the Lets Play With Family Basic (ファミリーベーシックで遊ぼう!) tape scans too.  They're still uploading but should be done in the next couple hours.
Famicom / Disk System / Re: Famicom Web Stores for Box...
Last post by portnoyd - August 01, 2021, 03:24:11 pm
Checks username

Hi. Want to sell those other 3 binders? $1k each?

Unfortunately you're a little late to the Famicom boat since Covid/April 2021 shipping change to Japanpost killed the comically low shipping deal Japan was sponging off of from China. However, Japan4U still works if you buy a lot at one time. I speak from experience.

The way J4U works is they always start the prices way high and they drop them by a percentage every day. You are essentially playing chicken with all of the other customers, but it's not hard to snag big deals.

This store is a nice option, poor site design and you would need someone to drop ship. I honestly used J4U so much that I didn't bother with really any other options. They're the best. I had an easier time and wider selection on J4U because I went strictly loose - Famicom boxes are all over the place in size and I did not want to deal with that on my shelves - but J4U still gets in a steady stock of complete FC.

All of the proxies suck in different, minor ways. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to use Yahoo Japan to be price negative vs eBay unless you're really dedicated to scooping up the best deals as the proxy fees/shipping will just put your back to where you started. I've stuck to just using proxies for accessories and other things that don't ever appear on eBay. (Like the last couple of FDS games I need).
Technical & Repair Assistance / Re: FDS Power Board - previous...
Last post by Flex - August 01, 2021, 02:38:09 pm

Many thanks for testing for me! I assume then that someone made the modification at some point in the past to help with writing / cloning.

I will do the full mod as per the guide when I get my FDSstick and report back.

Famicom / Disk System / Famicom Web Stores for Boxed G...
Last post by DreamTR - August 01, 2021, 01:27:22 pm
Anyone have a good link / source to purchased boxed Famicom games vs Yahoo Japan?
Famicom / Disk System / Re: Sunsoft Famicom and NES
Last post by DreamTR - August 01, 2021, 01:23:02 pm
Not related to the NES (and long time no speak David since it has been years)

Can you go into more detail about the Punky Doodle arcade game? For posterity's sake and the time period I think is interesting enough for it to be talked about here since it "may" have contributed to Pokemon directly.
Buy / Sell / Trade / Re: Searching for: Earthworm J...
Last post by tonev - August 01, 2021, 12:44:38 pm
I have some Earthworm Jim cartridges just don't know if they are with the same label have to check :-)
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