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December 17, 2017, 08:03:47 AM
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 on: Today at 03:47:07 AM 
Started by MarioMania - Last post by MarioMania

 on: Today at 12:31:58 AM 
Started by honkbahh - Last post by honkbahh
Howdy! I bought holy diver for famicom on eBay, and when you die the screen goes to the normal black screen indicating 2 lives remaining, but the level never restarts. I tried the game on my nes with a hyperkin adapter and a gyromite adapter, and both produced the same problem.
Since I don't have a famicom to test the game on, is anyone willing to try their copy of holy diver in their nes with an adapter, die, and see what happens? That way I know if the game is busted, or if it just doesn't play well with adapters.
Also, I tried using my everdrive and the game functioned without issue.

 on: Today at 12:31:15 AM 
Started by Bramsworth - Last post by Bramsworth
I haven't posted here in a long time  Embarrassed

Looking for a little extra cash so I thought I'd sell off my spare copy of Tiny Toons 3 for Genesis. If there's any unlicensed Genesis collectors here then you know how rare this is. This is the same cart that the ROM dump came from that produced all those fake reproductions you can now find on eBay  Upset Rolleyes To my knowledge I've still yet to ever see an original copy like this one here for sale anywhere, so it's still one of the rarest on the system.

Price is $70. The box isn't the original and I'm adding it just for extra protection. Refer to the pics for condition. I'd say it's generally fair. If there's any takers then get back to me with your info so I can calculate shipping. Thanks guys!

 on: Yesterday at 10:35:03 PM 
Started by chowder - Last post by Mi5terDNA
Thanks man. Sure am.

I will have 2 board versions available, one with the exact AV Famicom circuit and the other with a THS7314/16 amplifier.

Boards have been tweaked a bit since that photo, they're smaller now, have better solder points and will be white.

Aiming for $15 to $20 USD shipped worldwide in a resealable anti-static bag.

Will post on these forums when ready, but probably won't be till January next year.

Awesome!  Looking forward to it.

 on: Yesterday at 09:42:12 PM 
Started by aitsu124 - Last post by P
Nice find indeed!

The physics probably hadn't yet changed much from SMB1.

World 8-1 has two poison mushrooms that doesn't seem to have grown from a block, they just appear like regular enemies, although it's hard to tell exactly what's going on. I guess they were added to test or show the new type of mushroom. Also when Mario grabs it, it doesn't seem to disappear like in the final game. It might have been implemented as a normal enemy at first.

 on: Yesterday at 05:22:59 PM 
Started by Segata Sanshiro - Last post by fun
Purchased a Neo Geo + game from aarkay at a great price. Super fast shipping, great communication. Huge +1, thanks!

 on: Yesterday at 03:44:06 PM 
Started by cieniu71 - Last post by cieniu71

I have new carts, I'm open because I had to check if they work...

1. Batman returns

2. Hogans Alley

3. Hogans Alley

4. Wild Gunman

5. Hogans alley

6. Wild Gunman

7. 1942

Some games have a different label
1 cart shipping cost - 6$

 on: Yesterday at 01:10:32 AM 
Started by aitsu124 - Last post by MarioMania
I see

World 8-1 from the first Game

World 1-2 has a Underwater Section

World 5-3 is Different

Is there a Proto Floating around somewhere?

 on: December 15, 2017, 11:52:50 PM 
Started by krzy - Last post by krzy
No, MMC3 mapper officially has support up to 512 kB of memory, however I can make for you:
1) special version of KrisCart cartridge that will allow this game to be played
2) just single-cartridge repro of this game.

 on: December 15, 2017, 11:49:03 PM 
Started by chriswy27 - Last post by krzy
It might be BZX12 (12V zener diode), but I recommend desoldering it and taking a good lok around its glass body, maybe there is any more marking.
If it was part of supply voltage unit then zener diode would act as a reference voltage. However, I see there are 8 diodes, rather used as a some kind of protection (clamp diode) or maybe they are used to block current flow in one direction (kind of keyboard matrix scanning) and they are regular diodes.

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