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Awesome - been looking forward to getting some of these for ages.  I also wanted to buy the NES Extended Famicom Converter, but that's out of stock in black.
I checked the other colours and it made me wonder how easy it would be to get one in a deep red / maroon shell like you have for the Famicom carts? 
Just a thought, no biggie :)
Late reply, but it looks like my board doesn't have that green potentiometer. That kinda sucks D:
Technical & Repair Assistance / Famicom Body Texture
Last post by TDownit_Strider - Yesterday at 05:52:52 pm
I was wondering while cleaning my Famicom, since parts of it are textured(like the bottom), and parts are smooth. Which one is the top half supposed to be? Need to know, so I know what I can use to effectively clean it, without ruining the feel. There's some tough dirt on there.
Famicom / Disk System / Re: New Famicom Shells (Availa...
Last post by muramasa - Yesterday at 01:01:48 pm
Available now. Just updated the first post.
Well, I found a roundabout solution, but let me walk you through my earlier process.

I'd set it up to print in Paint, turning the Page Setup to print at actual size. Then, I'd just print it. Funny enough, it turned out the problem WAS the file, as I wound up resizing it by a few bits of an inch, and got it to work.

So, after that I just carefully cut apart the one sleeve I had, and traced it. Then, I scanned the cutout, and now I have a printable template for future sleeves.

So, that's solved, just weirdly. A PDF would've definitely helped XD

(As a side, if anyone wants a link to the template I scanned, let me know)
Technical & Repair Assistance / Re: Twin Famicom throws out Er...
Last post by boye - Yesterday at 09:25:07 am
By the way, this is the "resting position" of the drive., but I can still move the head towards me. this normal? https://file.io/YnNbjrRG
Technical & Repair Assistance / Twin Famicom throws out Err 22...
Last post by boye - Yesterday at 09:07:20 am
My Twin Famicom throws out Error 22 whenever i put one of my disks in, or even if there's no disk in and the disk holder lowers. I have already tried drive cleaning and spindle hub alignment. Should I try cleaning the drive again, and if so, how?
Here's a sound recording of the drive in action. I'm sorry for the usage of a link, but I had to due to the arbitrary filetype stipulstion. https://file.io/Lss2te7f
Famicom / Disk System / Re: Famicom Disk Sleeve Templa...
Last post by L___E___T - Yesterday at 07:02:38 am
Have you tried turning off the fill page // auto stretch settings on your printer?

Sounds like what you really need, is a PDF all set up and ready to just hit print.
Buy / Sell / Trade / Re: Wanted: Mario pizza Pop
Last post by Sydsydsyd - Yesterday at 06:44:16 am
PM sent
Famicom / Disk System / Re: Famicom Disk Sleeve Templa...
Last post by TDownit_Strider - July 02, 2020, 09:06:49 pm
Well, a few tries later, and printing this at the right size is proving to be a NIGHTMARE. It isn't the file's fault-it's fine-but neither Paint nor Photos print it right. Paint just makes it really tiny when I set it to actual size, and Photos threatens to have it fill the page. Any tips are welcome.
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