I need advice, help please!

Started by Gawie123, February 18, 2021, 11:05:32 am

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Hi everyone, I'm struggling to figure out what model this gaming console is or if it is even the real deal? Can anyone please help me - is it even worth anything? As far as I know, the console works, but the power cable is defective.  :)


It's a bootleg Famiclone. I'm not familiar with the brand. What's inside, full chips or glob tops?

Unless the machine brand is really popular in some other region, it's probably not worth much, maybe $15 or so.

The games though - Batman Returns is the gem, about $20 or so there, I'd say the Jy Company FIFA game is second best at maybe $10-$15, and the multicarts and tennis about $5 each imo.
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I saw one of these on a forum years ago, but there is really not much to say about this Famiclone, the board seems to be of an late Noac, but the shell is very pretty in black.

The games are very standard famicom bootlegs, but the Batman cart is worth something.

Maybe you could get around 35 USD for the whole lot, depending were you live, and how common are famiclones in your area.