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Author Topic: Under appreciated Games and Hidden Gems!  (Read 13620 times)
Parodius Duh
« Reply #30 on: April 14, 2012, 12:34:03 AM »

that character is so ridiculous!!
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« Reply #31 on: April 16, 2012, 01:11:19 AM »

100 world story
puzzle boys

I second Tetrastar. Pretty cool little game.

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« Reply #32 on: January 22, 2016, 11:11:11 PM »

Apologies for the necrobump here.. just wanted to share what I've found to be some fun lesser known Famicom titles (did my best to exclude more commonly known ones):

Astro Fang - Super Machine
Banana Prince
Cosmo Police Galivan
Don Doko Don 2
F1 Sensation
Gekitotsu Yonku Battle
Just Breed
Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru (converted into Yo Noid for NES)
Kero Kero Keroppi no Daibouken 2
Magical Tararuto Kun
Magical Tararuto Kun 2
Moai Kun
Paaman - Enban wo Torikaese!!
Paaman Part 2 Himitsu Kessha Madoodan wo Taose!
Pizza Pop!
Robocco Wars
Sanrio World
Saiyuuki World
SD Hero Soukessen: Taose! Aku no Gundan
Space Shadow (bundled with the Hypershot accessory, wouldn't reccd this game without that)
Time Zone
Wagyan Land
Wagyan Land 2
Wagyan Land 3
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« Reply #33 on: May 11, 2016, 12:16:33 AM »

Any of the Ninja Kun carts. Really fun little games.
Daiku no Gensan is great.
Quarth is fun too.
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« Reply #34 on: May 18, 2016, 12:54:45 AM »

You'll need at least a Family Basic keyboard to save with this, but Castle Excellent. Especially if you're a fan of Zelda II. If you don't want to get a Family Basic keyboard, you can get the American version, Castlequest.

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Pink Jelly!!

« Reply #35 on: May 21, 2016, 08:19:07 PM »

Moai-Kun is a really good puzzle/platforming game.


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« Reply #36 on: May 23, 2016, 04:25:49 PM »

A few more:

Asmik-Kun Land
Battle Baseball
Bio Senshi Dan
Doki! Doki! Yuuenchi
Dream Master
Kunio Kun games (all of them)
Honoo no Toukyuuji: Dodge Danpei 1/2
Keroppi to Keroleen no Splash Bomb
Tsuru Pika Hagemaru: Mezase! Tsuru Seko no Akashi
Zombie Hunter
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« Reply #37 on: May 24, 2016, 11:47:25 AM »

How about Cocoron?
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« Reply #38 on: July 29, 2016, 09:12:17 PM »

Super Xevious is interesting - you have to solve some kind of puzzle to proceed to the next stage.
I like the new enemies, and the puzzles aren't that hard once you figure it out.  Coin

I also like the addition of powerups. A gift from the Land of the Rising Sun.  Grin

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