Golgo 13 Top Secret Episode Theme

Started by Jedi Master Baiter, August 11, 2014, 12:57:21 am

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Jedi Master Baiter

Okay; this has been itching at me ever since I saw The Professional (1983):

I've always known the Golgo 13 theme to be this one from the NES/Famicom game:

Especially hearing it reused in Mafat Conspiracy/Riddle of Icarus:

But after watching The Professional and not hearing the theme there, and realizing there wasn't an anime TV series until 2008, I wondered whether the NES tunes were originally composed by T. Hasuya (the composer for Top Secret Episode) and for some reason reused by the composer in Mafat Conspiracy?

Furthermore, I didn't realize there were lyrics in the FC version until now:

Can anyone confirm whether this theme has been used anywhere else? (by the way, can anyone also translate the lyrics?)


Maybe it's used in the live-action movie/series?

QuoteToei Company produced a live-action film simply titled Golgo 13 in 1973, directed by Junya Sato and starring Ken Takakura in the title role. It was followed by Golgo 13: Assignment Kowloon in 1977, directed by Yukio Noda, which replaced Takakura with Sonny Chiba.