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16BIT pirated consoles

Started by Horazio, June 08, 2007, 04:52:46 pm

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Hi( I'm new here)
I was wondering...Are there any 16 bit consoles ? I donno...Pirated SNES or pirated Genesis ?
I remember using piratec carts for my SNES but I never found pirated consoles ...

PS Oh a little picture for you...I know you'll like it
(foto taken in downtown Montevideo, Uruguay )



this should be in other gaming


Topic moved. :)

I've never seen a pirated Genesis console, but I don't ever look for Genesis stuff. SFC pirated exist...check the Auctions board for one example. ;)


I believe I've seen pirated Genesis/MD systems before.  There are also some Chinese DVD/VCD players that can play Genesis games.  Not sure if it's emulated or not.


Genesis was an example...I meant any 16bit console.
It's strange that there are so many famiclones and no SNES-clones... why is that ?!


there are, but not as many as famicom. famicom is cheap to make and sell so thats prolly why



Yea, there are SNES clones, just look at the Twin system referenced on another thread here.  Famicom is still popular in a lot of places so there's more of a market.  Cheaper to produce/purchase the NOACs as well, I'd imagine.  It's easier to pirate the significantly smaller games as well.  There's a decent amount of pirated SFC games out there, but nowhere near as many as Famicom.