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"Quality of life"

Started by maxellnormalbias, January 03, 2015, 10:02:23 am

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What's nintendo's strategy for this? Personally, I think a new fitness platform is going to be created alongside 10,000 others and a few years from now we'll have a crash just like gaming with random companies like Bose or Hyperkin unveiling fitness crap.


Who knows what this new thing is like. I could totally see myself buying it. I use and really enjoy Wii Fit and Personal Training Walking still, so if there's another health device I will totally get it. Nintendo hasn't really given any hints at all about this device. I used to think it was just going to be a smart watch or something like that. Now I think it will be some kind of home console thing or bedside sleep monitoring device. I'm really itching to see what it actually is!!!!  ;D ;D


I'm not really that excited about it as I don't want to (as one commenter on some site mentioned) play as a tired out link the next morning if I didn't get enough sleep. If Nintendo pretended they were a completely different company and had no integration with the games at all I'd be happy. It's not like "buy a Go table and some hanafuda cards, and make a frikkin card house to get extra Wii points!".


It'll be just another fitness gimmick that will be popular for a while and then fades away. Typical Nintendo.

God damn Nintendo, go develop Metroid, F-Zero and a proper Kirby game for the Wii U!



I really want an F-Zero game for the Wii U.


Quote from: BaconBitsKing on January 06, 2015, 04:54:42 am

I really want an F-Zero game for the Wii U.

Technically there are two F-Zero games/stages:

1) Nintendo Land - Twister Race
2) Mario Kart 8: DLC 1 - Mute City

Twister Race is actually pretty good once you get the hang of it and look at the TV which is way better than the GamePad.


I really wish there was a new F-Zero with track and vehicle editor and online!!!! Also, I actually don't like how we get a new Kirby every year. Some other franchises deserve a turn!


Quote from: zmaster18 on January 08, 2015, 12:36:22 pm
I really wish there was a new F-Zero with track and vehicle editor and online!!!! Also, I actually don't like how we get a new Kirby every year. Some other franchises deserve a turn!

Kirby's Rainbow Curse feels like a $15 eShop game while it'll be sold for $40 as a budget game and considering it'll only have 28 stages (with additionally 40 challenges) it really isn't a lot of replay value at all.

I wish the Wii U would've gotten Kirby's Triple Deluxe instead of Kirby's Rainbow Curse as KTD is a game you can look at the top screen without focusing on the GamePad which is a low quality video (not only that it's 480p SD but it doesn't look very good compared to other touchscreen monitors) screen while playing on an HD console.


Kirby's Rainbow Curse has a nice clay-made art style which I like, but don't want to pay that much for a short easy game. I like the old kirby games, but I can't pay that much for just a simple games. Kirby Return to Dreamland looks pretty damn good for Wii, but now that game sells for $80-100. So you either have to pay full price at release, or even more when it gets rarer in just a few years. I bet that other kirby for original DS with the 10 kirby's is also a pricey game.

I don't really want Yoshi's Wooly World. Yoshi's New Island got bad reviews claiming it was very babyish feeling. I even feel pretty embarrassed when I play Yoshi's Story around other people, so this game will probably be the same. I wasn't a huge fan of the songs that were in the  Smash Bros. Wii U stage either.

Mario Maker is a game that I DO want. Even if it goes for $40-60, I think it is worth the price. I saw a 'hands-on' video of gameplay for 40mins and this game has a lot to offer. There is actually a lot of depth to the game design and I'm a creative person, so I know I'm going to spend hours with this game. Also Super Mario Bros. is my favorite game ever, so I'm going to go wild with creating levels. Nintendo finally decided to use the internet for once and allow level-sharing!

That's pretty much it for new games for the next few months, excpet for Zelda Majora's Mask 3D. Apparently they are going to actually tweak the game's time system to probably make the game easier and more convenient to the player. I'm interested to see how they do it. Also notice how link is holding the mask of truth in the artwork for the 3D version of the game. As I remember, you don't get that game until later in the game in the original N64 version. I think you get that mask earlier in the 3D version so you can actually talk to the gossip stones for hints. Why get hints towards the end of the game when you don't need them, or can't even access them? This game is going to be good!!!


I suspect the QoL direction will be somewhat-related, but not part and parcel of their game development wing. During their last corporate management policy briefing on the 6th of November, the following question was asked in relation to the QoL and its interface with game development:

QuoteI would like to ask about the QOL business. I understand that this business will start within 2015, when you start to sell QOL sensors and that later you will offer some sort of counseling services, but I cannot imagine what sort of business model you will use. Please explain whether this business will play an important role in regaining Nintendo-like profits.

To which Mr. Iwata responded:

Quote from:, the launch schedule for the QOL business has not changed from what I explained at the last Corporate Management Policy Briefing. The business will kick off in the fiscal year ending March 2016, and we expect it to contribute to our financial performance in the fiscal year ending in March 2017. In the slide I showed you today, I specifically wrote the year "2016" instead of "2015" because this is the year the QOL business will be able to contribute to our financial performance. This is the timeframe we are considering for the QOL business.

Regarding the business model, we would like to elaborate when the time is ripe to explain the specific services, fees and the business model. Nintendo's past business models have been mainly purchase-based models, but for this type of business, we understand that a subscription-based model, where companies and consumers keep long-term relationships, is more suitable. Specific details such as the initial price and ongoing fees will be elaborated on around the time we are ready to show you the actual products as well as the nature of the actual services. On a basic level, it will become a slightly different model from the past purchase-based business models.

And, as for what degree it will contribute to our financial performance, I believe it has very high potential. "Five 'Non' Sensing" is so interesting that it has the potential for Nintendo to create a significantly large market that no one has ever set foot in, which is the reason why we are making this new move. On the other hand, when we start any new business, we do not think it makes sense to tell you about the scale of the business before details of the business model and the pricing structure are disclosed, even though I may already have an image of it in my mind, so I will refrain from sharing any numbers today. When Nintendo began to talk about "Gaming Population Expansion" in the past, no one would have believed us if we had shown "Brain Age" and "Wii Fit," and said that they would create a new market of this or that size before they actually started to sell. Therefore, this time, we would appreciate it if you could consider what has happened repeatedly in our history where our offerings created a very large market in the end when generally people's initial impression was "What will Nintendo do with such a product?"

Also of note was this question, regarding QoL and third parties:

QuoteWill the QOL business only be between Nintendo and its consumers or will you build a sort of ecosystem* like the existing video game business, which is open for third-party companies to develop software?
*A system for co-prosperity and co-existence through partnerships

Mr. Iwata again responded:

Quote from: using the term "platform" for our QOL business, we expressed, to some extent, that our QOL business will not be only between us and our consumers. Instead, we would like various partners to join us if they have some ideas to propose to our consumers. For those who have been watching Nintendo for a long time, it would appear quite unusual to clarify the core elements of our new business ideas at such an early stage as this, way before the actual service begins to operate and the actual products are shown. This time we dare to clarify that Nintendo is working on a new platform with "sleep" and "fatigue" as the themes, because it would be very beneficial to openly start talks with potential partners. There might be cases in which we approach other companies. Conversely, there might also be cases where, following our announcement, companies come to us and propose something using their techniques or something that they would be able to achieve. Nintendo will not implement this business alone. Today, I explained future services and the development of the business by referring to our way of thinking. We did so specifically this time because, considering future business development, it's advantageous for us to talk about it at this early stage.

If you're interested in this kind of stuff and want to do the research yourself, rather than trusting our crappy games media, here is Nintendo's corporate website in English where they post transcripts from shareholder meetings and other corporate events. ;)