Shutting Down FW (April Fools)

Started by UglyJoe, March 30, 2015, 09:49:26 am

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Ha, no way this could be true. That said, I'd take it over in a heartbeat, buggy code and all.  :cherry:


Thanks for the support guys. I've been in touch with uglyjoe. He's at a conference right now but will be back later tonight or tomorrow to make an announcement.


You guys can't shut down!  I just found and bought an official Nintendo Famicom Disk writer.  It'll be delivered to me sometime soon.  I'll share pictures if you'd like  ;D


Oh hey, you guys weren't supposed to see this :P

Due to popular demand, FW will remain open.

The forum software is seriously being end-of-lifed soon, though.  Forum software will definitely be updated once I have a theme for it finished.


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At least now you know how great of a community this is that if you ever did decide to shut down you have a bunch of people ready to take over and keep it alive.


No kidding. I can't imagine that this place would be going anywhere any time in the near future with our community.


April Fools everyone! We tried really hard this year, and hope you all had a great holiday.


Good times. This was such a clever prank. :)