HVC-CPU-05 not playing multi-game cart
Hi and goodday to all...here newbie reporting in  :-[

I'm facing this one problem that puzzled me for sometime now.
I got 3 Famicoms with 3 different motherboards that is HVC-CPU-05, HVC-CPU-07 and HVC-CPU-GPM-02.

My problem is,

- HVC-CPU-GPM-02 can play all original carts and all multi-game carts.
- HVC-CPU-07 can play all original carts and some of my multi-game carts.
- HVC-CPU-05 can play all original carts.......but failed to play multi-game carts at all.

TV would show only grey when i put in multi-game cart. Fyi, great efford had been put in cleaning the connector and the whole board.
So, what is the possible problem here...is there got something to do with deteriorating component like capacitor or resistor?? i just don't know where to start  :question:

The fact that it can play original carts flawlessly really puzzle me. And the newer revision HVC-CPU-GPM-02 can play all carts without any problem.
So here i seek all your help to show me the light   :-X

and sorry forgot to mention that all the Famicoms have been AV modded according to jpx72 method.

You are welcome.


where to start
maybe tell more about multicarts. IIRC, there is few small differences between PCB versions, but on PPU side.
Hi 80sFREAK, sorry for the late reply...been a bit bz for other stuff.
Actually i don't know detail about the cart. Bought from Aliexpress and here's the link http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Brand-new-8bit-game-card-cool-game-cartridge-classical-game-carts-400-in1-360/32286874255.html

All those carts play well on HVC-CPU-GPM-02....not a problem whatsoever. On HVC-CPU-07, 1 or 2 carts (out of 10 i have), will fail to load or garbled graphics. And total failed on HVC-CPU-05 haha.

So you said it got something to do with the PPU. That leads me to think that they got different PPU designs(?) versions (?) across the 3 versions of the motherboard....am i right? So chances are, there's nothing i can do to go about this problem? what do you say...
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