Family BASIC Super Thread

Started by UglyJoe, July 05, 2015, 07:05:15 pm

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If we have Family Basic, and Family Basic V3, where is V2?


The regular version of  Family BASIC is version 1.0, 2.0, 2.1, and 2.1A.


I've also seen 2.0A and the prototype version 0.0.
As for dumped ROMs I've only seen NS-HuBASIC version 0.0, 1.0, 2.0A, 2.1A and 3.0. But the letterless 2.0 and 2.1 versions may also exist on carts.

As for NS-HuBASIC version differences, this is what we know:

Earliest known version number.
Used in the Playbox BASIC prototype ROM.

Used in Playbox BASIC and Family BASIC launch version.
This version of Family BASIC has a RAM self-test that is accessed by holding the T-key while pressing RESET. Unknown if Playbox BASIC also has this (the prototype does not).
If there are any differences in the actual NS-HuBASIC they are unknown.

Used in a newer revision of Family BASIC. Supposedly people who called Nintendo and complained could trade their V1.0 version for this one for free.
This newer version of Family BASIC has the RAM self-test replaced by a BASIC mode shortcut. Holding the T-key while pressing RESET now goes directly to BASIC mode.
As for the actual NS-HuBASIC, the SCR$ function was added.

Used in the last known revision of Family BASIC.
Bug fixes. What kind of bug is unknown.

Version used in Family BASIC V3 (a separate title) with lots of new functions and even sample games. As V3 is fully operated from BASIC mode it has some new commands to go into the BG editor and such, and the T+RESET shortcut is no longer needed.

Also while programs and BG data are generally cross-compatible between versions (unless a program relies on the memory mapping or new commands) the tape format seems to be incompatible between some versions. At least you can not load a regular Family BASIC tape on Playbox BASIC (I've only tried it on the prototype) or Family BASIC V3. You have to retype the program from the beginning.
It would be interesting to know more about the tape format and exactly what is different.


Sounds like a call, but unfortunately i don't have time at moment.

IIRC 2.1A have small patch and that's all, but can not recall details.
I don't buy, sell or trade at moment.
But my question is how hackers at that time were able to hack those games?(c)krzy


Super interesting thread. Maybe some member of this forum has something coded into this and wants to share it?? I never seen some quality games coded into this device  :mario:
Yeah, sure


Quote from: Sydsydsyd on March 24, 2019, 05:41:33 pm
Super interesting thread. Maybe some member of this forum has something coded into this and wants to share it?? I never seen some quality games coded into this device  :mario:

It depends on your definition of "quality".  I think a few of the games transcribed here are kinda fun (like Mario Shooter).


Back in like 2013 or so when I was really into Family BASIC V3 I made some finished programs. I have them saved on tapes, but I no longer have Family BASIC, or V3, or a Data Recorder

Here's what I made:

- Learn Katakana with BASIC! (a Japanese-English Hangman game with 3 different modes, different categories of vocabulary, and some nicely designed menus)
-PUNG (a version of pong that is colorful like the TV COLOR GAME 6)
-Orb of Destiny ( a breakout game with multi-colored blocks and the ball got increasingly faster)

I was making Mini Putt Challenge as well, but never finished it. This game was too ambitious for just 4k of memory, but I was very close to making it all fit.

I would totally post screenshots of the games if I had some :)

If you want to see examples of Family BASIC programs, search youtube for Nico Nico Douga Family BASIC compilations :)