Family basic cartridge

Started by FAMICOM_87, August 11, 2015, 06:03:29 pm

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I found something ...  :o

If someone here can translate this from Russian ?
Basically this is an English translation of family basic ROM
The cartridge  have audio output/input for data recording on a cassette player and DIN port for standard  PC keyboards , i think only XT standard if i understood from that forum :)


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Hmm, that's interesting.
I'll translate it later when I get some free time.

Quote from: FAMICOM_87 on August 11, 2015, 06:03:29 pm
...i think only XT standard if i understood from that forum :)

Yeah, that's right.


Wouldn't call it a translation though. It's a hack of Subor version of Family Basic with the katakana character set replaced by lower case Roman letters and Cryllic letters. All English text is totally made-up making it a pointless "translation". The fortune teller script shows garbage strings. Instead of asking if you want your fortune told, it asks you if you want to "rest" then tell you to press reset (but you can enter your birthday anyway).


He even says so in that link you posted:
Quote from:
One more thing is buggying me. It's graphics being randomly damaged on the original CHR-ROM chip. It's not about chip's damage itself or bad dump, it's about originally written data is garbled partially. I've seen the same garbage on some other carts, mostly chinese subors and so on. So it's not accidental. Now I've made two versions of this dump: original with garbage and fixed with original graphics.

Look in the CHR ROM and you can see corrupt graphics (in the unfixed version). I remember seeing other dumps with corrupt CHR, so I assume they are from the Subor version that he mentions (but there might be more versions of it with corrupt CHR, I don't know).

The CHR is still 8 kB it just has some corrupt data within it.


You posted the link yourself. "Keyboard Transformer (R)[!]" is unfixed and "Keyboard Transformer (R)[f1]" is fixed. Check the CHR in the PPU Viewer in FCEUX or Nintendolator. You can see that some of the graphics is obviously damaged in the unfixed version.

I don't have any links to any other version but I remember that there was some slight differences in the CHR area in certain pirated versions of Family Basic.


Then the ones I'm talking about can't be Subor after all. I haven't seen any with CHR RAM anyway.