Family Basic keyboard internals.

Started by ImATrackMan, August 30, 2015, 07:42:51 pm

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Mainly, how much space is in it and how is it laid out? I just got an idea for a cool project and while I may end up sacrificing an FC keyboard for it, rest assured that none of the functionality will be lost (bonus points for guessing what it is). If anyone's willing to take pics of the inside of they keyboard and under the keys (to see how the matrix is fixed), it'd be greatly appreciated.


Let me guess, a Famicom with cart slot built directly into the keyboard!  :) I've thought about it too but I'm not sure if it's possible. The keyboard is pretty thin and there isn't much room inside.


Darn. The controller issue and need for a second 15-pin connector kind of shut it down for me as well. I'd still like to try it.


80sFREAK experimented with a similar project earlier.

I have photos of my keyboard insides I could upload later, but Enri has reverse engineered it quite thoroughly. Including diagrams of the matrix and instructions of how Family BASIC reads the keyboard.


Check out this PC inside a Family BASIC keyboard:

If you cut the bottom you can have much more room inside. You would just need something to cover the bottom. This would be a really cool project!