Famicom Converter Compatibility Issues

Started by arnpoly, August 18, 2015, 05:47:49 am

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I have been building up a nice little stash of Famicom games to play on my Toploader NES with a Famicom converter.  It has been working really well for me but I just got in an Adventures of Lolo FC cart that I can't get to play.  The graphics are really glitchy and the first level doesn't load properly so there's no way for me to play.

I have two Famicom converters.  One is an NTDEC converter that works with maybe two-thirds of my games, and the other is an official converter I got out of an NES Pinball cart that has worked with every game so far except Adventures of Lolo.

Is there a list somewhere of Famicom games that will not load correctly when played on an NES using a Famicom converter?

Also, is there someone that has my exact setup (an NES toploader, Famicom convertor, and an FC Adventures of Lolo cart) that could tell me if that game works properly?  I would like to know if I just have a faulty cart before I go and buy a replacement.



Bump!  Anyone have any ideas?

I forgot to mention before that I cleaned the heck out of my Lolo cart before trying to run it and it still doesn't work.


Time to buy the official Nintendo Gyromite adapter found in sound 5 screw NES cartridges.


All Famicom games should work fine with a pin converter. You should clean your games and both ends of your converters and the slot in your NES Top Loader.

If you are more inclined towards Famicom, I'd love to trade my AV Famicom for an NES Top Loader.


I have the official converter but it doesn't work with that either.  I've cleaned the game and both converters as well as I could but it's no good.  All my other games work flawlessly on the official converter.

I figured it is probably just a problem with the cart itself but I wanted to see if something else was wrong before I decide to spend money on another copy.

I guess at some point I should invest in an honest-to-goodness Famicom.  :)


Make sure that pins 48/49 and 57/58 are properly connected to their respective mates.