profile stats. Only 'Show posts'. Where to get the topics?

Started by famifan, October 19, 2015, 09:47:23 am

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hello folks,

maybe it's just me as i'm being unaware of simple button hidden somewhere or/and rather intuitive method to get the list of mine topics (or topics of another board user).

so the question should be read as:
do we have that thing just hidden somewhere? or do this type of user experience exist at this board?

eg.: i want to ask something about games but, i'm pretty sure that there was a topic created by me a while ago and i can't find it though 'search' button. I don't want to pollute boards with a lot of new topics, so i'd rather recover already existing one.

mods, you might shed some more light on that. Would you be so kind, guys?

if this thing already covered by advanced search button, feel free to teach me how to use it, as i give up after few minutes of poking the search which gave me unexpected results every time it being hit for that  :)

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also, can be useful for BST board just to show all topics for particular board member. As often it's more convenient to have a bunch of separated topics rather than all-in-one huge massive multipage thread with a lot of data inside.