Recca PCB pic?

Started by daskrabs, February 01, 2016, 07:00:42 am

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Can anyone point me to a PCB pic of a legit Recca for Famicom?


If you find one you can verify its authenticity by the screen printing on the ROM. Should have the code NAX-RE on the ROM. Few people will risk taking apart their game as Famicom carts are notoriously difficult to disassemble without causing some form of physical damage (however minor) and Recca is quite rare.


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This is what a Recca fake ment to fool collectors or dealers looks like. I don't have a picture of the original PCB either. I think most of these fakes went to Japan...


I wont open my cart, but i noticed that on the bottom inside, there are some numbers on the left and right:

TF-23 N

maybe others that have a Recca cart can check this?

Triple Dash

Mine has TF-23 N & TB-25.

I really doubt it really means anything. I wish I could be more certain than I am about my copy (~95%) but oh well.