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Started by Dain, July 25, 2007, 02:48:59 pm

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An original Recca in mint condition (!) sold for 42'000 Yen last week.


Quote from: fami-ave on August 22, 2012, 01:06:56 pm
An original Recca in mint condition (!) sold for 42'000 Yen last week.

I won a mint cib *real* Recca this year for about 40,000 yen.




I've updated my price guide for loose Famicom carts on Ebay. You can see how much every licensed FC game has sold for on average over each of the past two years (including shipping), and how many copies as well. Check it out.


That's really useful, thanks very much.
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What's a fair price for the playstation version of gimmick?

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Sorry in case a price quote is already posted somewhere... I tried searching but this is the closest thread I can find for price quotes....

Anyways I am looking to get a price quote for these games
TMNT The Arcade Version (Original)
Contra (Original)
Contra (Pirate)
4 in 1 : Contra, Lifeforce, Rush N Attack, Green Beret

Ive been able to buy these games cheap but they seemed to have come from a house thats been on fire. The carts all had soot stains although I was able to clean and restore them to working condition. I know Ive already scored it big since I only payed a dollar for a lot of 13 carts but I just wished to know the current market prices for these games in case I decide to sell some of the other doubles.


well tmnt u can get for $5-10
contra is more expencive $30-40
and multi will be like $5-10

yeah but does depend on condition of labels staining etc so if they are in a bad way less


hey 8) I was wondering how much is the Famicom pirate Diablo? Loose/Boxed. Thx! :octorok:


Do old Famitsu Magazine have any value in Japan?
I have a couple of issues from 1989 and 1993.
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Quote from: L___E___T on June 20, 2012, 10:33:00 am
80 USD seems quite cheap considering these are rare...  Can anyone corroborate?  The condition is average I'd say, even a little yellowed so nothing superb.

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No-one?  I'd really like to get a solid idea of what one of these are worth, by getting a couple of extra opinions. Thanks!

I got mine from Gamedoctor HK a few years ago. The console is beautiful white and AV modded, the box smelled of old basement and had some tape on it, third party AC adapter, a couple of games were thrown in and the Manual is in good shape. The HK shipped cost me, I paid 127 USD for it.
My square button, which I thought was much harder to find only cost me 129.00 plus shipping.  But, it doesn't have a box and while sold to me as an '83 Famicom it has an '86 board. Strangely, Gamedoctor sells it for that much too! http://gamedoctorhk.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=126&products_id=1447


Any idea what this Super Mario 2 Famicom Disk System carrying case goes for?



The only images I can find via Google are the ones I uploaded in 2007.



Links don't work...  If it's what I'm thinking of, about $50 though.
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Wow, what a lame first post by me.  I was on my way out the door and didn't check the links.

I am considering selling my Famicom Disk System collection at Portland Retro Gaming Expo.  Everything else I have is pre-1984.  I am definitely keeping my square button Famicom and all the '83/'84 games I have.  Probably selling the rest of the Famicom stuff in this album.



Wow, it's very clean, I'd ask for more than $50 for it, I think you could get $75 for that, but I'm not the authority on these by any means.  They used the wrong ink for Bowser too which may put some people off, but if you find the right collector I think you could get $50-$75 easily enough.
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That looks absolutely immaculate! :o