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Started by Dain, July 25, 2007, 02:48:59 pm

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I also wonder why they put that guide in Chrono Trigger. (at least some copies, I have a bunch, at first I removed it but now I leave it in)
Because it is like a manual for Satellaview with no connection to Chrono Trigger.
I have seen it in some other game too, not sure which. Chrono Trigger is so plentiful unlike most.

Not sure about the flyer though, it looks familiar, but I don't usually open them to check.

My guess for value: 2$.

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Quote from: Jay-ray on May 22, 2014, 08:11:33 pm
Druid fds

20$ with sleeve maybe.
I liked it, it was quick and easy. :) All in English.
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Quote from: fredJ on June 02, 2014, 04:06:03 amI also wonder why they put that guide in Chrono Trigger.

I imagine they put it in because of Miracle Dreamers especially, and the Chrono Trigger Specials.  If there was love with Nintendo they would have supported it and got that in there early to try and build some hype and awareness.

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I found View-Master 3-D in box, but box slightly damaged but never open! So the set is new!

What do you think money can I get for it? I can sell it.


I don't think it is worth much... they have so little nostalgic value and I don't think there are collectors. 15$ maybe?
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That is pretty cool though, I used to have a Dream Master as a kid.


So, I heard people were looking for a SMB3 pirate. I've seen a couple of pictures and I think I have something like it. The cartridge plastic is different but it has the same label as the one people are talking about (The label the same the official cartridge but without Mario or the Title/Logo. All you see is the backround.). The plastic is bright blue and has the logo TAITD imprinted on the back. The cartridge is poorly put together and it's falling apart but it still plays. Some people say the title screen is hacked but I have a REAL copy and it looks exactly the same. Any idea on how much this is worth?  ~Adam

I will upload a picture soon.



i just got these few cib games just wondering how much they are worth mainly the videomation cart.

Really wanted a cib super contra and the rest were kinda free after the fact.


Funny, I really want a nice loose Super Contra!

Not sure what the Videomation cart is worth, I know the NES title is low value.
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Really nice, and really like the Videomation cart too.  This is the second / alternate version of the game.  If you want to sell it, please let me know as I might be interested :)

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Hi all.

I have about 52 volumes of Game Lab and Backup Technique books/magazines.

I have a rough idea of value from when I bought them some time ago. Any ideas of current market value?

Thanks! :)

p.s: Also have a few early editions of Gamest too.


How much would Battletoads/Double Dragon - Game Boy be worth?


I received an unexpectedly high offer for the following item on another site.

Are these worth anything, just these few Nintendo stickers here?

I see the entire booklet with stickers seems to sell for 100-200 dollars on ebay, or are at least priced as such.

For 15 dollars, do I hang onto them or sell them?  :gamer:


Quote from: MarioMania on July 17, 2014, 05:44:12 pm
How much would Battletoads/Double Dragon - Game Boy be worth?

10-15$ ? Pretty good game I've heard.

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OK, how much would you pay for ヒットラーの復活 トップシークレット aka Hittorā no Fukkatsu: toppu shīkuretto aka Bionic Commando?
I can be patient and snipe it... how much did you pay BIN, auction, or otherwise?