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Started by Dain, July 25, 2007, 02:48:59 pm

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how much could i get for my gimmick, complete with box and manual etc.. are the ebay prices realistic? 500$++?


Ended at $270 complete.

Nah, watch completed listings like this one.

Ended at $399 complete

Theres your scale, between $270 and $399.

I'd say its reasonable to believe $300 is achievable.


^^^The first one is missing its manual.  I think maybe that leads to the price difference?
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Quote from: nerdynebraskan on December 31, 2014, 08:15:01 am
I know what you mean, MarioMania. But the reality is many casual gamers will forever refer to their first NES as "the Nintendo", or their 2600 as "the Atari." Since nobody had the SMS, at least in the States, I can guarantee that 99/100 American gamers are talking Genesis when they say, "Oh, I had a Sega." At least we know what they're talking about.

Are you sure the Master System wasn't released in North America?

In Sweden we used to call the NES a "Nintendo" and the SMS a "Sega" since they were about the only consoles released from those companies. Sometimes we even just said video game. But as soon as the Mega Drive and Super NES was released we used names like Nintendo 8-bit and Sega 8-bit, while the newer consoles were called "Super Nintendo" and "Sega Mega Drive".

So calling the Genesis for a Sega makes zero sense to me.

BTW the NES is still affectionately called the Nintendo 8-bit to this day in Sweden.


I think Jackson's point is that very few people in the States had a SMS.  My brother's best friend when growing up had one, but even with him, it was barely used and the kid complained how it sucked so bad.  Outside of his family, I don't know anyone that had a SMS here, though everyone had Atari 2600 or a clone, and everyone also had NES.  Only when the MD came out did Sega start taking off.
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I see, SMS was rare here too, I only had one friend who had it. Not having a NES was even more rare though. But we still called the SMD a "Sega Mega Drive" (leaving out "Sega" was unacceptable and it doesn't rhyme).


My best friend in high school had an SMS and I had an NES, we used to just call them `the Sega` and the Nintendo.  I`m Canadian, not sure if the SMS was more popular there than the US but I had the definite impression that, while nowhere near as popular as the NES, the SMS was pretty well known.


I found an empty mark one Master System box in my basement that I thought got wiped out.  It's in good shape but has some cosmetic damage - is this something somebody would want?  Prob not worth sending abroad but I figured I'd ask..
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At least don't throw it away if you can help it.


Is this cart here overpriced? Do you know anywhere else I could buy all these games for a cheaper price? (With the exclusion of Tale Spin as I already have it)



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That's pretty darn expensive. In aliexpress there was one seller that made custom 8-in-1 multicarts. You can choose 8 games from his list or provide your own rom files. It was about $26 per cartridge.



Great! That way I can get ROM haxxx and not pay for overpriced repros! (SUPER MARIO 3 MIX HERE WE COME!!!)


What do blank FDS disks with sleeve/case go for?
Here are a few games I am looking for right now
Super Puzzle Fighter II X (Sega Saturn)
GeGeGe no Kotarou (Sega Saturn)
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (Sega Saturn)
KiKi KaiKai (PC Engine) (CIB)
Puzzle Bobble (Super Famicom) (CIB)


Probably a lot because I can't find them anywhere.


If you know that you can use Quickdisk http://famicomworld.com/workshop/tech/maxell-quick-disk/
... and you know that Quickdisks were also used in old samplers...

Then you could perform a search in ebay... http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_kw=Roland+Quick+Disk