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Started by Dain, July 25, 2007, 02:48:59 pm

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That is totally worth it, very much so


What is Attack Animal Gakuen worth? Only one listing on Ebay right now, and I just won the last auction (for cheap, I think).
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Parodius Duh


Darn. Well I only paid $3 something, but still. I really need to make up a good of "expensive" cart only Famicom games in case I come across ones I don't see too often.
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How much would Holy Diver, Takeshi no Chousenjou and Bubble Bobble (pirate FDS conversion) be worth?
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I think Holy Diver is kinda sought after, maybe ten or fifteen dollars or so resale.  Takeshi's Challenge loose maybe a couple bucks, there was a little surge in interest for that game back when the GameCenter CX episode was getting some notoriety but now everyone has realized that yes, it is just a kusoge.  Sadly I don't know anything about pirates so can't help you on Bubble Bobble.


Ebay loose cart averages w/shipping:

15-Attack Animal Gakuen

32-Holy Diver
12-Takeshi no Chousenjou


What would be a good price for a cart only Contra?


Quote from: The Uninvited Gremlin on October 23, 2011, 04:36:01 pm
This one?

I would probably pay up to a max of $120 still as you can always buy a broken white famicom and replace the top shell greatly increasing the value of the beat up square button Famicom.

Assuming you don't mis-match the system nameplate variation. Most systems have a FF (Famicom Family) logo on the nameplate, whereas the SBFC does not. You can also RetroBrite it with fantastic results.

At $36, you stole that. The controllers are worth more than that alone. If they don't work, or the buttons are loose, let me know.  :bomb:


whats a good price to pay for Mitsume Ga Toru loose also know as 3 eyes story.


I got one for $20 shipped on here a few months ago.

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What's reasonable to pay for Densetsu no Kishi: Elrond?


How much is Rock Man & Forte and X3 in Japan and how much should i pay for them?
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X3 I'd say 10-15 dollars, Rockman and Forte a little higher than that.  Store retail is X about 15 bucks, X2 20, X3 24 or so if you convert the prices. 

Quote from: Da Bear on November 17, 2011, 01:14:25 pm
What's reasonable to pay for Densetsu no Kishi: Elrond?

Yahoo auctions about 250 yen, you can buy it at the game stores in Osaka for 480 loose.