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Price Check

Started by Dain, July 25, 2007, 02:48:59 pm

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This Felix the Cat pirate is made by Dragon, too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cc9RSUwlHCM 

I have it for the Famicom and the gameplay is pretty bad, as you can tell by the video.

EDIT: Just played it again, and the gameplay and controls aren't as bad as I remembered. It's a pretty fun original based on Felix the Cat.


Hi guys,
I'm new here, just started collecting. Located in Sweden. These are some of my finds so far in the pirate department. Could you give me an estimate for these? Thanks.



Sorry about the crappy picture. The FDS is bought really cheap from GDHK and is a hack so that you swim through the entire game...

I will upload a video of the sonic game if people are interested. Haven't seen it before.



Mario Family is like $45+


Oh, I got that quite a bit cheaper than that ^__^

I actually though that Sonic would be the highest value since I haven't seen it before.

Bute then again, some pirates are flooded in some countries and nonexistent in others.

Any more help on the remaining would be appreciated.

Thanks  Gremlin


Sonic's pretty known, it's just a hack of Somari.


Oh ok. I have some more carts on the way home =) I'll post more when I get them.

Thanks alot.

And by the way, if anybody is willing to pay 45USD or more for the mario familycart its theirs.


Quote from: RoZioN on April 29, 2010, 12:38:07 am
Oh ok. I have some more carts on the way home =) I'll post more when I get them.

Thanks alot.

And by the way, if anybody is willing to pay 45USD or more for the mario familycart its theirs.

I meant to say $35+ but yea pretty much right. $45 would probably be a reasonable price if it included shipping.
And the Sonic cart is uber common probably worth about $5-$8.


Is the Mario hack a hack of SMB2J or SMB? Are the levels the same as the regular game?


I'm sorry for spamming the place with me questions but I got some more carts today. One looked interesting with ToyStory II on it. It was just a bomberman clone though =/

Well anyhow here are some pics, anything of value? I got this lot for 60 euro shipped, the FDS game with the tower was really bubble bobble which was a nice surprise :D

The 66 in one is really nice though, balloon fight, excitebike, mario, xevious etc. probably 20-25 unique games.

I also took 2 pics to show the menu of the multicarts:
first the 166in1 which is like 4-5 games

and then the 76in1 which is like 25 unique titles.

I took two pictures of the game, hopefully this will sort it out for you. The game has another interesting feautre, when you press the shoot button, you automatically become big and throw a fireball, you can't die by normal enemies...

and here im swimming to the top of the first screen


I like those last two screen. There's a game called Merio that does similar things (swimming in the sky) but I don't think I've seen the one above.


It's a common HK hack of SMB2J--there are other common versions--the two that come to mind are a "cartoonish" version and another where Mario has fireballs all the time but doesn't swim (and gets bigger/smaller when hit instead of losing a life--your version probably does the same).  It's worth the $4 you probably paid for it.


jupp, 4 bucks from frankie, worth every dollar, any idea about the new carts?


Sorry to ask another question about it, but what's on Side B? Usually it's a copy program of some sort. If it gives you Error 20 or 22, try it with a game doctor.


I just get an error 27, with a GD 6+ hooked up...


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