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Started by Protoman, April 08, 2019, 09:02:58 am

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I made a video about the first Valis game's Megadrive port in general and looking at some of the japanese manual in particular

Anyone like the Valis series? I think it's decent although I haven't played that many except the Famicom(desperately needs a save or password feature) SD Valis(not good) and the Megadrive version which I like. I also like japanese schoolgirls(that are of age of course) and bikini armor is nice too.

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Strange. I've been fascinated about this series as well. Maybe only because the artwork reminds me of Dirty Pair. ;D Seriously, it looks like Yuri and Kei with swords! :D Yuko is even wearing yellow! :P OH MY GOD MY SIDES! :'( <- crying of laughter


Valis is a series I think that is ripe for a remake. The original games were awkward. At their best, they were average, with the only thing really remarkable about them being the character and monster designs.

The Famicom game is frankly bad, coming too early to learn important lessons on how to design an action platformer well, and the series had become PC Engine CD's darling series later when the Famicom could have done better games.

The MD gams are fun, but they're kinda meh as well. The only real good ones are the PC Engine CD games, but good god, the English dub work on them...