What's the most you've spent on a game?

Started by Protoman, June 24, 2016, 02:14:52 pm

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If only that was still possible today.  :'(


I plan on getting a pretty penny out of it...some day.
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$110 on an n64 flashcart.

If that doesn't count, I spent $60 on a boxed Taiwanese Super Mario 64.

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300 on Gimmick in Box in Japan

There are only a couple games I've spent big money on, but nothing quite like that!

95% of my collection cost 1-5 dollars each at the time of purchase


Panic Resturaunt CIB (PAL) $352, of course I've spent other large amounts like $223 on a Caltron 6 in 1 cart :P



I did spend several hundred on a brand new copy of MetalStorm - but some Virtual Boy games cost a good chunk more than that even...
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Most I've spent is 70 for CIB Secret of Mana for SNES
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I spent a lot on a brand new Game & Watch NIB Octopus.  I mostly collect consoles so that was the most I've spent on a single game.
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Triple Dash

I spent $$$$ on a sealed copy of All Night Nippon Super Mario.

I had gotten burnt out from dealing with (potential) pirate copies so I decided to go all out on a copy that was dual listed on eBay & Yahoo Auctions JP. I saved up, sold a couple other rare games that I wasn't playing, waited for an eBay Bucks sale to get an extra $100 off, and made a deal with the seller. It sits on my shelf while I play a repro instead. I'm proud to own a legit copy now, but embarrassed in regards to how stupid & impulsive I was during my initial hunt.  :-[

Other than dealing with that mess, I threw $550 at a copy of Flintstones Dinosaur Peak a few years back. Got it from Chile, where strangely NA copies are more common than in the US.


About those Flintstones at Dino Peak carts from Chile:  Some were also shipped to Brazil and distributed via Playtronic (IIRC), though with a different back label slapped onto it. 

Given the later release of the cart, I think while it did receive low distribution in the USA region, the rest of the stock was just unloaded in South America, making it not nearly as rare as what people initially thought.  It will be interesting to see how many more turn up over the next few years.

For me, the most I spent was about $600, though there are one or two carts I'd be willing to pay $$$$ for. 
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I believe my most expensive CIB purchase was a minty copy of Gimmick severla years ago on this forum for $650. I still have it thankfully. I have spent upwards of 100 or so on a single game a few times. I really tend to spend a lot less on games these days due to life priorities.  :coin:

The bulk of my high-end spending of 100 per game breaks down to the following:
Various Gamecube demo discs cased.
Game Boy Poko Nyan cart
SNES Burn-in Test Cart
Gamecube Japanese Club Nintendo Zelda Collection
Game Boy Camera Zelda OOT Edition - a few scratches unfortunately though it was $400!
A few others I do not recall right now.

I have spent around 200 or so for various game consoles.