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Started by Protoman, July 29, 2016, 02:54:04 pm

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So I know at least one or two of you here have watched some of my videos on Youtube.

In October I'm moving to Japan for a year and won't have much time to do videos like I used to, so to compensate I spent 5 months preparing
52 reviews of FC,  FDS and SFC games to be uploaded once per week starting October 10.

Here's a trailer for the project!



I always watched your Virtual Boy videos. My friend while in Japan bought a ton of SuFami games for cheap, and sent me a bunch. Japan has the best game shops, I would have a blast if I went. Maybe one day. :)


I've watched a few of your videos as well.

I am sure you will have a blast in Japan, I know I did for the short time I was there.  If I were living there for any duration of time, I am sure it would be detrimental to my wallet.
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Yeah I've watched some of your videos too.

A year in Japan sounds great, I never been there more than a half year! :D You might surpass me in Japanese if you practice by talking with people a lot. You already have a pretty solid basic knowledge. I had a friend that studied in Japan for a year in one of those language schools, but all he did was buy manga and video games and sat in his room to play every day. He pretty much only spoke Japanese in class and when going to the convenience store. I probably met more new people in my last three week trip to Japan than he did in a year, and I can be a bit shy sometimes depending on my mood.

You will probably have time to play games too, so don't do it like him. Japanese people are often very excited to befriend foreigners so it's quite easy to make friends once you get to talk with some (memorizing how to introduce yourself is very useful).

Be sure to memorize how to ask for the road and to understand directions (phrases like "○○をさがしているんですが" are indispensable). There's probably a chapter about asking directions in most Japanese text books. If you can do that you will have no problem in finding your way.

May I ask what you are going to do for a year? Study? And where are you staying?


Quote from: P on August 01, 2016, 02:08:04 am
May I ask what you are going to do for a year? Study? And where are you staying?

I'm going to study japanese throughout the year at a school, 3 hours a day I think it was. Going to be living in Kyoto, home of Nintendo... great for sightseeing and stuff but terrible at summertime I've heard, I'm absolutely dreading the 35 degree humid summer...

Of course I have in mind looking for games at every book-off etc, in other cities too, but I'm not moving there to play games as much, I want to see things, do things and talk to people, as well as make youtube videos about the whole thing, another chance for me to build a decent viewership on my other channel. I don't believe it will happen, but it could.


Ah Kyoto is great but the summer is as you fear. Luckily there are vending machines everywhere with cold beverages. I went there this summer too, but it wasn't that bad this year due to cloudy weather (actually it was hotter in Sweden this year). It has been raining a lot this summer. The winter is said to be cold in Kyoto but for us Swedish it should be bearable. The problem is that the Japanese houses are not really built for winter and has no central heating so it's much colder indoors in Japan than in Sweden. It's horrible in the morning when you really need to get up, but it's so cold and you never want to leave your warm and comfy futon.

Yeah playing games is something you can do at home, but that said it IS a great place to shop for games, it's not something I have done much the short time I've been there but I did find some neat things in those fabled 100 yen bargain boxes.
Making videos is a great idea I think, I'm looking forward to those. :D



Despite not going to Japan for another while, I've nonetheless started to upload my Famifun videos. I simply don't want to wait for 6-9 months to see the fruits of my labor in terms of views and comments.

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I think it's important for any review video to be short and succinct, and you have done this perfectly. Well done.   




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Been really enjoying these - thanks!  Also nice to reply and get replies about the various games too :)
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