Famicom Bootlegs with Original Artwork

Started by HummerTeam1001, September 25, 2016, 04:45:06 pm

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Another example of this type

And interesting Firebird


Another Popeye that matches more closely the series originally posted on this topic.


I've edited my first post in this thread to include pictures of all currently known carts in the set, sorted by color. I'll probably go back and replace some images with higher quality ones later.

Quote from: HummerTeam1001 on September 25, 2016, 04:45:06 pm
Dark Purple Comic Sans Carts:

Dark Blue Yellow Text Carts:

Black w/ Pink Block Text Carts:

Light Blue w/ Red Text Carts:

Purple w/ Yellow Text Carts:

Red Carts w/ Black Text and Icons:


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Those labels with dark purple frame are highly reminiscent of the early HKGC carts, where the labels are thicker paper (that absorbs water), with square corners and which appear to be cut by hand or with a cutter.

The art style is also similar. That Karateka label art could be an HKGC cart for sure.

I wonder if they were made by the same company, in the same time and place. Looks a bit too much of a coincidence?