Rare Playstation 1 Dualshock controller?? HELP!

Started by dado2095, July 22, 2022, 10:09:22 am

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I've bought a Playstation 1 Dualshock controller on eBay as part of a bundle, but when it arrived, I noticed something odd with the controller: the joysticks presented a concave middle, with four little lines on the diagonals. Even in the very worn right joystick is possible to see a remnant of this pattern.

I have NEVER seen a PS1 controller like that, and I was not able to found any photo depicting this style of joysticks. has anyone ever seen or owned a controller like this? Is this some kind of old third party replacements?

Thanks in advance!


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Isn't that the "Dual Analog Controller"? It's an early variant of the DualShock and had concave joysticks before the DualShock revision replaced it and eventually became the new standard PS1 controller.
Check the model number on the controller:
SCPH-1150 - Japanese version
SCPH-1180 - North American version, missing rumble motor
SCPH-1180e - European version also missing motor

It came out as Sony's answer to the Nintendo 64 controller with the analogue thumbstick and the rumble pak. I remember that Sony's American or European divisions or something was criticizing it for the rumble interfering with the precision work when using the analogue joystick, so they removed the rumble motor on non-Japanese versions. They apparently changed their minds on this since the DualShock was released with rumble all over the world.

I have been in the hunt for a SCPH-1150 but have been unable to find one. It's supposedly a bit bigger than the DualShock, it only has a single rumble motor as opposed to the two motors used in the the DualShock and the rumble also doesn't work with PS2 games. I'm not sure if there are any other compatibility problems with it.
It shouldn't have rubber on the joysticks though, which yours seems to have. It might just be a third-party in that case.


The controller itself seems to be an original Sony one: on the back it says the usual stuff, and the model is SCPH-1200. I've seen an SCPH-1180e in person and you are right, the joysticks are different; hard plastic for the thumbsticks and the concave part is much bigger.

One of the possibilities is that the originals rubber inserts wore out and someone replaced them with a part from a third party controller, but I was not able to find a third party dualschock with this design of dualshock, and I opened it to clean it (it was covered in dust and grime and X and circle button didn't worked) but by the way it opened it doesn't look like anyone ever tampered with it before me.

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SCPH-1200, so it's a normal Sony DualShock, that's weird.

Yeah or maybe the sticks have been replaced or something, though DualShock sticks doesn't normally wear out unlike the Nintendo 64 controller's 3D-stick.