The history of Sunsoft - Part 6 is up (Gimmick and more)

Started by Gazimaluke, October 30, 2016, 01:46:39 pm

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I have come to the realization that a video series would take to long to make so I will make it a text series instead. This way I can share my research faster.
Part one will be up on in about two weeks. I'm just waiting to get interview answers translated from Japanese.


The video series is no more. Instead it will be all in text and pictures(with some gameplay videos). And the first part is right here


Great work on the presentation. I might add that the site works really well for my mobile browser but I will read it in full at home!  8)


I'm glad you like it. I work on getting it to look good on both desktop and mobile. I have updated the text a bit since it was first released.

I think I might make a book of this when I have published all parts and interviews and feel finished with it all.


Part three is coming soon. It will feature Blaster Master (with answers on questions about the game by the games designer) and some other stuff.

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These are really interesting. Thanks for all the hard work.

Lately I've been looking at Arabian-style games and their music, and Super Arabian caught my attention. I find it odd the choice of music chosen for the original arcade game (Rondo alla Turca, William Tell). The FC version got it right though. :D


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Part three is up, enjoy :)

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I have read your interviews with them :) I have also interviewed David. I would like to ask Jay Moon some questions.


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That Batman read was great!  ;D Never knew that the comics and movie were two different licenses. :-\

Can't wait to read more about the Sunsoft sound team.


I have interviewed the sound programmer Shinichi Seya (aka About S.S.). He didn't give any long answers. But we now know from what device the Sunsoft bass was taken and some other details.
The Sunsoft music article will be written by a guy who knows more about the technical side of chip music.


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I published part 5 a shot while back. It spans 1990 and 1991. We are getting near the end of Sunsoft's golden NES era.

To date I have interviewed 16 people that work, worked or collaborated with Sunsoft in some way. And have at least two interviews in the pipes and some of them are ongoing. I have gotten the opportunity to ask Kiharu Yoshida questions. He ran Sunsoft from 1986 until 2008 when he became president of Sun Electronics. He had also initiated their first arcade development in 1978.


Great work. Looking forward to the thrilling conclusion. :o


There is five parts to go. I haven't really researched the later history yet. But I some of the people I have interviewed know about the later part.