Do you think this Famicom to nes converter is good?

Started by tonev, November 26, 2016, 12:28:55 pm

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Do you think that this famicom to nes converter is good?

I noticed that the seller said multiple times that it won't work on an original NES and i am wondering is this really true. Because it is one of the only that is fair priced and with free worldwide shipping.
I am back everyone :)


According to the review from "luridsocerer" it will not work:

QuoteNo, it REALLY won't work with US NES-101
I thought I knew some tricks to bypass the incompatibility. Disabling the NES10 lockout chip did not help. The adapter did not fit fully onto the contacts, so I thought a Game Genie would help. It made contact, but my Famicom cart was still not read.

For an NTSC original NES console, you need a different adapter. Please heed the description!

My friend has a knockoff console, so it looks like he's getting an early Christmas present.

Though when it comes to price, you can get the same adaptor off aliexpress for cheaper.