Zelda famicom disk - possible prototype?

Started by Kiechi, November 27, 2016, 05:46:30 am

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Never seen a copy with this printed on the disk .Does anyone have any idea?


Well I can't say whether it is a prototype or not but that looks handwritten, not printed. The symbols appear to be タタ田 which is katakana タタ (tata) or the kanji 夕 and kanji 田 whose kun'yomi reading is also ta and typically means rice. Or it could be 多 also read ta which means many. I couldn't find any meaningful translation of them together though. In Chinese those characters together means night-time. In short, I have no idea. Best of luck!


it was probably owns at some point by the little "oota" now a salaryman in his 40's  ;D


Yeah it's 多田 and probably is a name (maybe Oota or Tada but there are several possibilities). 田 means rice field but is very common in Japanese names.

Prototype disks are usually white, but this disk looks like a normal disk with some handwriting on.