What's the weather forecast where you live?

Started by MaxXimus, January 11, 2017, 06:06:00 am

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A lot cooler here but been raining too.  I think I'd rather have the heat back.
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Quote from: MaxXimus on August 12, 2018, 01:33:10 pm
It's 45*C with the humidex right now. Quite unpleasant to say the very least.

That's insane. In Japan is like 35 degrees, humid yes, and will rain very much soon. 45 though, you have AC? I almost cannot tolerate temperature above 25, but worst I experience was in HK I think,... totally unbearable for longer times.


It's been rainy here all week.  As I was telling a Polish friend of mine, it would usually start raining around noon, then stop for awhile, and likewise start raining again around 16:00 or so.  Basically, it would rain just in time for me to get off work, either for my lunch break or to go home for the evening. I've been quite craving going on a bike ride, though for the past month or so, it's been impossible, with the rain and unpredictable weather. I even have my next route planned out, but sadly I can't put it into action, yet.

This past Thursday night everyone in my city was informed that due to the torrential rainfall, all classes / work was closed for Friday. It was a nice, unexpected surprise, and I've been able to enjoy my three-day holiday, and have been working to get a lot of things done.
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P You alright? Got a call from 札幌 because I have friend and a relative living there. This one was massive I heard. I have myself worked like crazy shift again after the typhoon. I am in the 自衛隊 so I have been on stand by since two weeks because first we had a typhoon coming in, and now last time it hit Osaka pretty well so our base were called out to evacuate and secure. Did same thing in the earthquake in Kansai earlier this summer, and man is really taking on the nerves...Worst part is not the work but trying to stress down afterwards. Is either sleep 12 hours or 3 hours at best.

Hope you are safe, or anyone else in Hokkaido who hang out here as well. This summer is crazy.

For everyone else: There was BIG earthquake in Hokkaido. User P is living in Hokkaido/Sapporo and the electric was totally cut down and I have no way confirm he is even alive. Anyone know him more in person can confirm he is safe?


September 07, 2018, 04:09:18 am #35 Last Edit: December 09, 2018, 01:44:32 pm by P
I am perfectly safe, thanks for worrying.
The earthquake hit Hokkaido hard (shindo 7, supposedly the most powerful in Hokkaido's recorded earthquake history), and there was a power outage in all of Hokkaido. It was weakened before reaching Sapporo though so it was "only" about shindo 4 here I think. The house shaked like crazy (around 3 at night) and I thought it was gonna fall apart first. There was no visible damages on the house at all though and the only problem was the power outage and the fact that everyone panicked so that about all convenience stores and super markets sold out of anything instantly edible in hours (some people bought instant ramen with no way to cook it without water and gas).

The electricity is slowly coming back to parts of Sapporo, and I'm fine where I live, but stores are still very low on stock or closed up completely. I'm buying what I can just in case there is a great aftershock or any another disasters coming (they seems to be coming in groups when you consider Kumamoto). I'm also keeping water bottles and beer just in case.

The typhoon didn't seem to hit us as hard as in central Japan (apparently it was still unusually strong for Hokkaido though) and it did not really affect me or my work directly. There are leaves and fallen trees everywhere though.

Anyway お疲れ様です!



Shindo, it's a scale for earthquakes of how much it shakes on the surface.
The scale has ten levels where 7 is the strongest:
5 weak
5 strong
6 weak
6 strong


P! I am glad to hear you could be safe and that you seem to be unharmed. Yes. Hokkaido is a fairly safe place most of the time as compare to example Honshu, but sure happen from time to time there will be earthquakes and such. Just stay safe and a good advice is always having saved up a ration of dried food and plenty of water. As probaby you know maybe, many families and person also have an extra backpack with underwear, t-shirts, sweater, pants and such things just if they need to grab something in total emergency. Is really terrible but I am happy hearing you are alive and fairly well. (I suppose it became traumatic with all understandings of that).

Be safe and thank you for reporting!  :D


Nice and sunny here in Glasgow, even though we had crap weather from a few days back.
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The weather is going to reach below -50*c for the next couple days. Jeez.

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-48 with the wind chill right now.


It's currently 20c here which means after months of 40c it's finally winter


Isn't the weather a bit on the damp side where you are though? It's a different kind of cold!



It's not that bad but i wish it was hotter it's April damn it  ;D
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