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Started by UglyJoe, February 18, 2017, 08:23:21 am

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So the forum was down for about 24 hours due to a database issue.  Sorry about that :(

The database table holding the messages (ie, all of the forum posts) got into some weird state and needed to be repaired.  Since we run on a shared hosting environment instead of a VPS, I wasn't able to perform the repair myself. All I could do is put in a support ticket with the host and wait for them to do it.  It took them about 24 hours to respond, but they got it done, so here we are again.

I could have gotten us back online faster if I had opted to restore a database backup, but I didn't want to risk losing any forum posts.

I hope that nobody was too inconvenienced by the downtime :-[


I think it was a good choice. Preserve what we have here. :3


Thanks for your help getting the dinosaur back on its foot :bub:


No FW for a day, wow, it was killing me.  Luckily I had to work.
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I thought it never was gonna be up again! But now it's up and not much are happening here.
Today is another peaceful day.


I nearly died without FC. So long downtime. :(


Yeah, same issue as last time, but it took them three times as long to fix it :-X

There is a database "optimization" that occurs every seven days that seems to be the culprit.  I have disabled this feature, so hopefully it won't crash again.


I really hope it fixed the problem as I am lost without Famicom World.


I must have tried to get on here 200-300 times. I was getting scared it was lost for good.




A small tear of joy appeared when I could access the forum this morning :)
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I'm happy it's back up. :)

It died the day my friend surprised me with a Family BASIC setup in the mail :P


Im glad you're back online.



If it happens again are we entitled to any kind of compensation?  It doesn't seem right that their software mistakes can wipe us out until they can get round to a quick fix...
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