Pirate Pops FDS music player download

Started by hawken, March 29, 2017, 11:49:00 pm

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This is a working FDS project that I put together earlier this year, featuring music from the game Pirate Pop Plus.

You can grab the .fds here: https://dadako.itch.io/pirate-pops



tried writing this to  a fds disk
first 2 songs play
but others keep telling me to switch to side a or b
and switching disk sides do nothing

I have tried 2 different write drives several different disks
and tried playing on 3 different consoles

(using fdsstick and 7201 write modded drive)

ill try again tonight when I get home from my store  with 3rd write drive (3206)

really love this idea  my 13 yr old is nuts over game music

any idea if there are any more fds music downloads anywhere



I have it working on my SHARP red twin fami, works on a friends twin fami (same model), but doesn't work on another friends normal famicom disk drive. (gives error 22-23)

Thanks for taking the time, we found that a lot of stuff that worked in emulation, didn't work on disk.


Works fine on my classic Famicom and FDSStick.  Good tunes!


Very cool to hear!

It works good on EverdriveN8.

FDS is kinda hit and miss eh!


works fine off the fdsstick
been to busy to try on disk again


i'm gonna write this to disk to try it, thanks for the share :)
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