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Nvidia Shield

Started by Sarahconner, June 19, 2014, 04:54:07 pm

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Well an Android machine. My first impression is that it looks like it has a very bad X-box-like controller. I don't get why they can't just make real cross-shaped d-pads now when there's no patent stopping them anymore.


i dont think id like it  :P why? ok so it can play android apps really good, well a phone can run games that are made for a phones just fine and it can play pc games well a pc (as long as it doesnt suck) can play pc games better and can play android games and a crap load of other emulators too along with countless other things to do you can even go so far as to run emulators in emulators  :gamer: and i doubt the whole thing where it streams games from your pc would work very well if you dont have a fast pc if anything id wanna get an Oculus rift and play skyrim  ;D (best modern game EVA!!!) but its so expensive and not even done yet  :'(
but this is my opinion you might love it if you try it!


Well, so it's an(other) Android based system with what seems to be a cheap knock off of the Xbox layout, except the analogue sticks aren't positioned properly and in terms of games you're either stuck to emulators or what the store has to offer.

Between 3DS, Vita and the Android wannabe game devices, I'd vouch for 3DS & Vita over the other handhelds.



Super necropost time I guess.

I just been given a brand new one for free.  As ridiculous as the machine seemed at the time, I know I'm going to have fun with this - it's like a Switch PC version.

I'm interested in people's thoughts on it in 2018 now the Switch arrived and is kicking ass.  This little machine can basically do all the stuff the switch can't do yet.
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It's apparently awesome for playing GameCube games.


I think this seem to be a perfect way to emulate certain systems due to it's OS and form factor it seem for me to be one of the ultimate Android based handhelds. Earlier attempts has been good, but not good enough for what I think. Is a very expensive device though and if given to me for free I would be crying of joy  :D

In the meantime I have a portable Famiclone I play in the car on the go. Not as fancy as Nvidia Shield but it does power through USB.  :-[


Checking the video again it still looks like the mimicked the worst big name controller there is (the Xbox controller) and made it even worse. The thing with software volume control and strangely placed function buttons also looks awkward.

Other than the controls it looks quite nice though. It seems to have a good screen and same hardware as the Switch. Android is not a bad platform either, although games may not be comparable to modern game console games.

I can't avoid comparing it to the Switch though. The Switch has far superior controls with volume buttons and everything easily accessible and a more accessible touch screen. The fact that the controllers are detachable and usable in portable mode on the Switch was genius I think. I often play it in portable mode with a Pro Controller. The Shield seems to beat the Switch in battery life though.

So although it's cool hardware it has too many points it seems to be lacking in, which Nintendo fixed.
Of course if I'd get it for free it would be another matter. :)


The built quality its a beast but the d button feels little bit wonky to play with in some retro games :gamer: