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Wiimote question

Started by Retrospectives, September 23, 2018, 05:09:02 am

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September 23, 2018, 05:09:02 am Last Edit: September 23, 2018, 11:14:53 am by Retrospectives
Hi friends. I have Wii system that was bundle with Wiimote Plus (the newer Wiimote). I just bought a "normal" or "first generation" Wiimote because some emulator in Wii doesnt work with newer Wiimote which make me forced using "first generation" Wiimote.

Problem: It does not recognize the Wiimote at all. Only the ones that came packed with it. I bought like 300 Yen in Book Off just to try out some emulation but of course no guarantee it will work or not. Putting battery in, and light indicated that it "searching for Wii system" is just like normal, but it does not get detected by the Wii.

Is this a question of the Wiimote or are the "newer models" of Wii not compatible with first generation Wiimotes?

Just curious, I had this Wii for years and I never did anything with it, but I realized I could emulate some thing but not all of them support newer Wiimote.

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Realized there is a red sync button under the SD Card slot to reset and sync the Wiimote, not only behind the battery cover of Wiimote itself, so got it working flawlessfly ahaha. Anyway, now it works and finally I can navigate through the older generation emulator.  :D


Good that you found it. I think the newer Wiimote Plus has the sync button outside the battery compartment? The only Plus remote I have is the one that was bundled with Zelda Skyward Sword which is the first generation of Wiimote Plus.

You can also push 1 and 2 button to synchro temporarily with a bluetooth host. It will not save the settings if you do that so it's useful if you bring the Wiimote to a friend's Wii.


Thanks. Yes, I actually have the black console that was bundle with Zelda (I think) which included "Wii motion Plus Inside" or whatever it reads on the Wiimote. It actually has the red sync button behind battery cover as the original Wiimote (the first generation white ones).

Problem seemed to be I did not reset the Wii system Wiimote settings which only can be done with the button behind SD card slot and therefore I searched within menu many time but I couldnt find, but after reading on Internet for a while it became clear ehehe.

Thanks, good to know. I actually use a Wii Classic controller, is just that some of emulator not supporting Motion Plus Wiimotes so it had to be used with an original, but at least good to know, thank you very much P  :D


I see, those first generation Wiimote Plus controllers are supposedly pretty much the same as the first generation Wiimotes, but I apparently older homebrew software may have problems with them anyway.


Yeah, especially MSX and such I had issue running, or even navigate. PC88 too if remember correctly. They can however be run from USB port with keyboard but I like having a controller when playing game instead of using keyboard hehe.