Any Medical Marijuana patients?

Started by MaxXimus, September 13, 2017, 07:13:13 pm

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Anyone who has been here a while or who has talked with me probably knows that I smoke pot. I suppose I never actually mentioned that I have a prescription for it from my doctor, and purchase a good chunk of my stuff from the federal government. I am allowed to possess a little over 3 ounces a month at a time and am allowed to smoke up to 3 grams a day. Anywhere you are allowed to smoke a cigarette, I can smoke pot. If I am caught with it or in the act of smoking it by the police, I just have to show them a few pieces of ID and They are supposed to let me be.   

Are there any other medical marijuana patients on the forums?


In California you can get a mm card just by asking for it
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In Canada you need qualifying conditions and you have to have tried normal treatments without great success first. Also "dispensaries" are illegal in Canada and have nothing to do with Health Canada's supply of marijuana.



Of course feel free to say no - but may I ask tentatively what you're prescribed it for?  I've mainly seen it used for seizure patients but I don't recall you mentioning having those.  Just wondered.
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I'm sure some of you can relate to this. Anxiety and depression.

I have been on multiple antidepressants, antipsychotics, and  antianxiety drugs. They all took a long time to "start working" except the anxiety Meds which basically messed me up and then knocked me out, and they all had horrible side effects/withdrawal. I get in to moods where all I feel is dispair and worthlessness, and then I smoke a bowl and that feeling almost instantly melts away. I tend to get worked up over all of life's little problems(which I am trying to work on) and something about cannabinoids prevents that feeling from ever starting.

Your brain produces it's own "natural THC" called anandamide. It is a critical chemical in your normal daily function, controlling memory, hunger, energy levels, pain response, and a whole slew of other things. It is part of a system called the endocannabinoid system. This system is comprised of CB1 and CB2 receptors(as well as some other stuff) that are everywhere in your brain and body. Anandamide binds to these receptors to regulate the systems that make you up. . THC (and other cannabinoids) also binds to these receptors creating the effect.

There is new research about a condition callied endocannabinoid  deficiency Syndrome which basically means your body doesn't produce enough anandamide. Anandamide is responsible for helping regulate your systems so if this is out of whack, obviously you will feel the same. About 7 or 8 years ago I got horribly addicted to a few drugs, a couple of which were JWH-018, and AM-2201, two very powerful synthetic cannabinoids. I believe my insane usage of these two drugs messed up my endocannabinoid system because smoking weed(except for the 30 ish minute buzz I get the first couple times I smoke it, it seriously makes me feel like how i used to feel before the whole drug mess. I feel that marijuana effects me quite differently from a lot of people. It motivates me to do things, it helps me concentrate, it regulates my mood, it usually stops any headaches I have, strangely it makes me not squint as much lol... most important for me is when nothing else seems to work,it will put a smile back on my face.

It's the morning and I literally just opened my eyes so sorry if this doesn't make quite as much sense as it should. Hope it answers your question lol. :)


I've never met anyone from another country that has only legalized it for medicinal purposes. Interesting that it's legal at the federal level for medicinal use up in Canada. I'll have to read more into that.

I'm sure you know the legality of marijuana is a mess here in the U.S. In Nebraska (where I live), it is decriminalized, which means that the first time you get caught with it (as long as it's under an oz), you pay a fine and then you're good. After that you start getting increased fines and possible jail time. Also, CBD oil is legal for medicinal use, but state lawmakers are trying to combat it because they believe it is the same as K2.  :upsetroll: We'll come around in a decade.

I'm glad to hear marijuana has helped you get past K2, man. I had a terrible experience with it once that I would never wish upon my worst enemy...but if I could put a video of myself during that experience up on a screen that would be seen by every lawmaker in the country to try and convince them that marijuana should be legal just so people don't mess with K2, I would do it in a heartbeat.
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 I'd like to talk to you through p.m. about your synthetic cannabinoids use if you don't mind? I started out making my own blends and near the end was just smoking the pure chemical. It was absolute hell.

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I sent a PM. feel free to reply some time if you like. :)

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Also Canada is in the process of legalizing marijuana. Should be there by the end of 2018. For now it is still a federal offence for those without a medical document to possess it. It's strange though because BC has a bunch of dispensaries up where you can go buy pot so I'm not sure how that is working.



Sorry to hear about all of these problems.  I have friends that had similar problems, but all of them were fine before they started messing around with this stuff.  I hope it doesn't get legalised here.

Without getting political or causing any unintended offence, I'm completely against this stuff even recreational use - but I get that medicinal is different and can genuinely help people.

So I hope both of you are fine and are managing OK, I really hate to hear about these kinds of difficulties from my friends, so I really wish that it will all work out OK for you.
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Prescription huh? Cannabis is a big no no in Sweden as well, and I personally fully agree with Let here. Although cannabis should have been used in medicine for at least 2000 years, it seems there are no good scientific papers proving its positive effects, so I don't see this changing anytime soon here. The pro-cannabis people in Sweden are mainly those that wants to use it for recreational purposes.

But anyway if it works on you I guess that's a good thing. I also hope you'll work things out. :)


It seems insane to me that here in the UK cannabis is illegal, but alcohol and tobacco aren't.  Our A&E departments are full of people incapacitated or injured due to their own alcohol consumption or some other drunken idiot beating them up.  The health and social implications are hugely damaging.  When was the last time you heard of someone being beaten up by a pothead? ;)

I can legally go to the shop 2 minutes away from me right now, then buy and drink enough alcohol to kill me, but if I get caught with weed I'll get a police caution at the least.  Yep, makes sense.


Well legalizing cannabis would probably cause other kinds of problems with people becoming too passive.

In Sweden even killing yourself with alcohol is kind of hard, because in the bar you will soon be thrown out for being too drunk and the only stores that are allowed to sell alcoholic beverages are only open during a limited time every weekday. For not mentioning expensive.