Scan Requests (label, cover art, manual, box, etc.)

Started by Atariboy, September 13, 2007, 11:46:03 am

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Any chance of reviving this thread for a scan of Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa? The main insert paper, and mine is missing the B side label. However I wouldn't ask someone to rip off their label just to scan it. I can always just trim it off of the whole side of the disk if someone would be willing to make those two scans for me.

Thanks everyone.


hello all!

Hoping someone could help with out with a scan of a fairly common cart.

I'm looking for a 300dpi (or higher) scan of Gyro and/or Block.


Triple Dash

Thought I'd give this thread a bump. I came across this Japanese website recently that has quality scans of just about every FDS cover and label. Seems to be a relatively new website based on it's updates. I'm impressed.



That's a really handy find - thanks for sharing!  I can't navigate the JP menus very well, but maybe milkmanv1 can find his Bio Miracle scan in there somewhere.
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Great site indeed! Too bad it doesn't have manuals.

Mini translation to navigate the site:

あ行 - a-row (a, i, u, e and o)
か行 - ka-row (ka, ki, ku, ke and ko)
さ行 - sa-row (sa, shi, su, se and so)
た行 - ta-row (ta, chi, tsu, te and to)
な行 - na-row (na, ni, nu, ne and no)
は行 - ha-row (ha, hi, fu, he and ho)
ま行 - ma-row (ma, mi, mu, me and mo)
や~わ行 - ya~wa-row (ya, yu, yo, wa and wo (although I think no game title starts with a wo))
非売品 - Not for Sale games
おまけ 全ソフトラベル一覧 - Omake all game labels

So to for example to find Metroid, click on the ma-row (ま行) and to find Knight Move, click on the na-row etc.
Note that "k" also includes "g", "s" also includes "z", "t" also includes "d" etc, so to for example find Gal Force click on the ka-row.




Would it not be easier and better result to redraw it in Photoshop?  It's relatively simple artwork and typography.

Since Google changed their image search functionality it's a bit harder to find exactly what you might be looking for :(
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Quote from: togemet2 on March 10, 2018, 03:59:10 am
There is probably a very low chance of this, but here goes.

I was wondering if anyone had a lossless scan of the Famicom pirate "Super Maruo".

There are so many fakes of that thing, sadly it's hard to say what is even real
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The Cover Project is your friend :bub:

I think the size is already set up correctly on there.

Also found this image that I hope helps in place of an actual label scan.

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The image I posed is just from google so it may not be exactly what you want.  The scan is of the insert but I don't know if it has a label too - sometimes they're included.
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Haha, very happy to help with that bit then at least.  

I found a half decent label image - but it's not a huge scan:

More info here as well:

And because why not - some associated imagery from posters etc!

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If no one else gets this to you, I know for sure I have several of these disks somewhere. I'll have a look this weekend.


Hi Guys,

anybody here who can scan adventure island 4 box for me? at 300 dpi pls?


I want to get a box for my Gold Punch Out! Cart. I need the best scans possible to make it. Anyone have it?