Damn Windows Live Messenger...

Started by 133MHz, September 15, 2007, 10:35:35 pm

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It appears that not many of you guys use MSN Messenger, but here's a pretty ubiquitous IM software.
Recently an upgrade was forced from MSN Messenger 7.5 to Windows Live Messenger 8.1, and it sucks!
MSN 7.5 was working perfectly for me, a few days ago I was forced to upgrade or I couldn't log in anymore, so I updated and then I get graphical glitches all over my conversation windows! >:( . And now I read there's a simple fix to continue using MSN 7.5 ! but I don't know if uninstalling WLM will roll back to 7.5, and I don't want to lose my hundreds of custom emoticons. I'm so pissed off >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(....


Yeah, I use MSN sometimes, but it hasn't asked me to update yet, thankfully. I noticed Hotmail changed over the last couple of days and the new layout isn't all that great. I never understand why they can't just leave some things alone.


I use MSN sometimes, but not often.  I have Windows Live now and it sucks balls.  I hate it also.  I have problems with my password as well...


Look how shitty the thing looks:
The colored pixels appear and disappear randomly and rapidly, and they're worse around animated emoticons.
MSN 7.5 worked absolutely fine so why this piece of crap doesn't? Also it's the only piece of software on my PC that does this.


You mean you're SHOCKED that a new Windows program has bugs? :D


It's usual to have bugs like that. I have one that gives me problems every time I log in.
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I mean, it's not like MSN Messenger is a demanding 3D application or something to trash the video output that way, and supposing they changed the screen rendering method or something, what was the problem with the old one? Do I need pixel shader 3.0 and millions of polygons per second to talk to my buddies? I don't see any added performance either, in fact, it's slower.

I feel like the Angry Nintendo Nerd ranting this way ;D


What version are you running?  8.1?  If so, you might want to try upgrading to the 8.5 beta (download link here, I think).  I haven't been able to find someone with a problem like yours, but I've read that a lot of other bugs are solved in 8.5.



I had problems last week, not now thankfully. But like other user say, it's not a surprise coming from Micro$oft.
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False alarm guys...
(well... sort of)

Reduced my video card's AGP rate to 4X (trying to solve another problem) and the annoying artifacts disappeared.
Still I don't understand why it happens now and it didn't happen with MSN 7.5 . Is Windows Live Messenger taxing my video hardware? ???


Yeah, Live Messenger sucks.  I removed Live from my hard drive after an hour of use.  It lagged for me and wasn't as good as MSN 7.5....  And 7.5 wasn't that good IMHO either...  Felt more like a downgrade than an upgrade.  Anyone see where this is headed?  ~cough~Vista~cough~  MSN 7.5 was clunky, and Live looked a bit smoother, so I'll give MS points for that.

So whenever I need to log onto MSN, I use the program PIDGIN (if you don't know what it is, Google it).  It was formally called GAIM I'm told.  I don't go on MSN for anything but to chat every now and then, so it is fine.  File sharing and all the other stuff has issues.