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Started by fcgamer, August 29, 2018, 03:55:41 am

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Hi everyone, since things have been progressing quite nicely with my book Family Bits, I wanted to start this thread.  First off, I started a new blog that will try to detail the progress I make on my book over the upcoming weeks / months, as I am at the point where some sections are ready to be printed off, demo'd, etc.  Please don't be overly critical of the blog, yes I know it's a simple wordpress template, and likewise there isn't much information on there at the moment, but I'm not a techie by any means and the purpose of the blog is strictly to keep those who are interested in my project informed, and also as a way to answer questions and communicate with folks about the project, who might prefer email over messageboards :)

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Bumping this up again, I've run into a situation, and want everyone's input on it:

I just finished up a few sections of my book, more or less, which I hope to get printed off next month to take with and show around to some people.

One of the problems that came up in two sections ("multicarts" and also "disk to cartridge conversions") is that for both of these sections, there are games that are technically not the same, yet I am not sure if I should lump the information together, or separate it into different entities.  For example:

In the Golden Game "XX in 1" line of multicarts, there are three different cartridges, a 210 in 1, a 260 in 1, and one more that I don't recollect at the moment. The 260 in 1 contains all the items on the 210, the 210 contains the items on the other (smaller) cart.  As it stands, I just talk about the series of games as a whole, but would folks prefer a separate entry for each game?

Similarly, there were several "common" multicarts that focused on containing Super Mario Bros. games. Would people prefer one entry, summing up what is typically on said cartridges, and a picture of one of the carts, or a separate entry for each cart?

Disk to Cartridge Conversions I have the same problem, some games like Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japanese version) had at least three or four unofficial conversions, do people really want to see entries for all of them, or just a general entry summing up some key information?

I'm all ears on this, I haven't decided how I want to ultimately tackle it, so I'd like to listen to everyone else's thoughts.

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As I continue to write my book, I am sure I will continue to stumble upon more questions that plague my mind, in terms of what I "should" / "shouldn't" include, such as the question I posed above. I want to hear honest opinions from the people here, as it will help me to decide which approach to take on said situations, especially since after chatting with everyone here for over five years, I have a sense about who are the collectors, who are the gamers, who prefer the tech pr0n, etc.  :p 
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In order:
Missing one is Golden Game 150-in-1. I'd make one article for the Golden Game multicart series. it containing a general overview followed by a section pointing out the important differences between them. If you plan on putting game lists, you should use one of the following ideas to save space. Use delimitation marks around the games that are found on certain multicart, when there's a series of them (Cartridge Story, Arbian Night, Golden Game, Supervision...). Here are two ideas:

Elaborate on the mario multicart point? Are these just very generic multis?

FDS port: one article for each game divided into subsections for each port. For SMB2j I'd pick separately (not ordered): Kaiser, 1990 Super Bros. 4, "the one that has no title screen but red plant physics and Luigi physics" and "the one that has sometime the full title screen but no red plant physics (usually found in those big cartridges)". Some trivia here and there regarding the available cheats usually found on those version plus a very special shoutout to Whirlwind Manu for miserably failing their first port of SMB2j (LE10, also exist as no-id, same cover design) which crashes after 4-4.