FS: Squirrel, Pokemon Stadium, Digimon Adventure SNES, Tiny Toon 3 MD

Started by Bramsworth, September 30, 2018, 06:02:07 pm

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Selling a few rare SNES unlicensed originals. I also will have these on eBay, but the prices are a little cheaper here since I get to avoid eBay fees and all that hassle.

Squirrel - $35, a port of Squirrel King from the Genesis. Has its own original re-done graphics in comparison.

Digimon Adventure - $35, an original first print cart as opposed to so many repros I'm seeing out there. Has tape over the label.

Pokemon Stadium - SOLD

Tiny Toon Adventures 3 - $40, original print cart from Taiwan. Has box but is missing its insert.

Any questions, just PM me. Thanks!


Hah that pokemon stadium sold so quickly! Good deal for a cool game. Good luck with the sale!
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Yeah, funny enough I don't think the others show up much if ever while I've seen Pokemon Stadium several times throughout the years, but that's the one that got jumped on  ;D It's hard to accurately guess what would be more wanted when it comes to this bootleg stuff.


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