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June 26, 2019, 09:19:22 AM
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Author Topic: 110 games for Famicom [worldwide shipping]  (Read 20776 times)
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« on: March 26, 2017, 11:05:09 AM »

110 games for Famicom [worldwide shipping]

Additionally pictures (please message in PM)

Only games in list (games which no in list was sold)
Adventure Island 2 [Famicom] 15 USD
Aigiina no Yogen [Famicom] 4 USD
Altered Beast [Famicom] 25 usd
Aoki Ookami to Shiroki Mejika Genghis Khan [Famicom] 8 USD
Armadillo [Famicom] 15 USD
Around the World in 80 Days (Nagagutsu o Haita Neko) [Famicom] 13 USD
Attack Animal Gakuen [Famicom] 22 USD
Banana Prince [Famicom] 45 USD
Battle of Olympus [Famicom] 25 USD
Batsu & Terry [Famicom] 9 USD
Binary Land [Famicom] 6 USD
Bomberman 2 [Famicom] 25 USD
B-Wings [Famicom] 6 USD
Captain Tsubasa [Famicom] 16 USD
Chester Field [Famicom] 12 USD
Chuka Taisen [Famicom] 16 USD
City Adventure Touch Mystery of Triangle [Famicom] 10 USD
Clash at Demonhead (Dengeki Big Bang) [Famicom] 23 USD
Conquest of the Crystal Palace (Matendouji) [Famicom] 45 USD
Cosmic Epsilon [Famicom] 22 USD
Daiku no Gensan [Famicom] 32 USD
Devil World [Famicom] 10 USD
Dodge Danpei [Famicom] 16 USD
Donald Duck [Famicom] 8 USD
Donkey Kong 3 [Famicom] 8 USD
Double Dragon [Famicom] 19 USD
Downtown Nekketsu Koushinkyoku - Soreyuke Daiundoukai [Famicom] 15 USD
Dragon buster [Famicom] 8 USD
Dragon Fighter [Famicom] 35 USD
Dragon Ninja [Famicom] 17 USD
Dragon Spirit [Famicom] 15 USD
Dynamite Bowl [Famicom] 8 USD
Erunaaku no Zaihou [Famicom] 15 USD
Fighting Road [Famicom] 16 USD
Flying Hero [Famicom] 16 USD
Gargoyles Quest II [Famicom] 27 USD
Gekitotsu Yonku Battle [Famicom] 8 USD
Getsu Fuma Den [Famicom] 29 USD
Ghost and Goblins (Makaimura) [Famicom] 18 USD
God Slayer [Famicom] 16 USD
Happy birthday Bugs [Famicom] 16 USD
Heisei Tensai Bakabon [Famicom] 18 USD
Hello Kitty World [Famicom] 16 USD
Hercules No Eiko 2 Titan No Metsubo [Famicom] 8 USD
Higemaru [Famicom] 10 USD
Hokuto No Ken [Famicom] 10 USD
Hokuto no Ken 2 [Famicom] 10 USD
Insector X [Famicom] 36 USD
JuJu [Famicom] 18 USD
Kagerou Densetsu [Famicom] 16 USD
Kaiketsu Yancha Maru [Famicom] 18 USD
Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 2 [Famicom] 38 USD
Kamen No Ninja Akakage [Famicom] 13 USD
Kamen no Ninja Hamaru [Famicom] 28 USD
Kame No Ongaeshi Urashima Densetsu Xexyz [Famicom] 15 USD
Karnov [Famicom] 13 USD
King of Ace Strikers [Famicom] 20 USD
King Knight [Famicom] 10 USD
Ki no Bouken The Quest of Ki [Famicom] 23 USD
Kirby Adventures [Famicom] 15 USD
Koushien [Famicom] 5 USD
Kunio-kun no Nekketsu Soccer League [Famicom] 23 USD
Lord of King (Astyanax) [Famicom] 16 USD
Lost World of Jenny [Famicom] 18 USD
Lot Lot [Famicom] 7 USD
Lupin 3 Pandoras Legacy [Famicom] 18 USD
Madara [Famicom] 19 USD
Magic John [Famicom] 18 USD
Maze Of Galious [Famicom] 12 USD
Meimon Takonishi Ouendan Kouha 6 Nin Shuu [Famicom] 4 USD
Mezase Pachi Pro Pachio-kun [Famicom] 4 USD
Mighty Bomb Jack [Famicom] 10 USD
Nekketsu Kouha Kunio Kun [Famicom] 16 USD
Ninjara Hoi [Famicom] 5 USD
Nobunaga No Yabou Zenkokuban [Famicom] 8 USD
Nuts and Milk [Famicom] 11 USD
Pac Man [Famicom] 16 USD
Parodius [Famicom] 15 USD
Penguin Kun Wars [Famicom] 8 USD
Popeye [Famicom] 11 USD
Popeye English [Famicom] 13 USD
Predator [Famicom] 23 USD
Prisoners of War [Famicom] 23 USD
Raf World [Famicom] 80 USD
Rainbow Islands [Famicom] 16 USD
Ring King [Famicom] 10 USD
Robocop 2 [Famicom] 25 USD
Rolling  Thunder [Famicom] 26 USD
Saiyuuki World 2 [Famicom] 36 USD
Sangokushi II [Famicom] 18 USD
Satomi Hakkenden [Famicom] 4 USD
Shin Jinrui [Famicom] 10 USD
Soccer League Winners Cup [Famicom] 5 USD
Sqoon [Famicom] 13 USD
Super Chinese 2 [Famicom] 7 USD
Super Mario Bros [Famicom] 18 USD
Super Mario Bros 3 [Famicom] 19 USD
Super Mario USA [Famicom] 16 USD
Takeda Shingen 2 [Famicom] 4 USD
Tecmo World Cup Soccer [Famicom] 10 USD
Tennis [Famicom] 10 USD
Tiny Toon Adventures 2 [Famicom] 32 USD
Tokoro san no Mamorumo Semerumo [Famicom] 13 USD
Top Rider [Famicom] 11 USD
Totsuzen Macho Man (Amagon) [Famicom] 22 USD
Trojan [Famicom] 15 USD
Turtles (as Turtles 2 on NES) [Famicom] 19 USD
U.S. Championship V'Ball [Famicom] 11 USD
Youkai Club [Famicom] 11 USD
Wacky Races [Famicom] 50 USD
Wing of Madoola [Famicom] 28 USD
Zombie Hunter [Famicom] 18 USD
Photos please message in PM

Shipping Air Mail with track number (worldwide)
on name and payment address
1 game 12 USD
2-3 games 16 USD
4-5 games 24 USD
Shipping cheaper if payment for shipping in Ruble

Shipping Air Mail without track number (worldwide)
Payment not Paypal
1 game 8 USD
2-3 games 11 USD
4-5 games 18 USD
I always make photo 2 sides parcel in Post Office while dispatch
Shipping cheaper if payment for shipping in Ruble

Spoiler  Payments:

1) In Countries with trackable track number and
about shipping 20-60 days time of delivery (depending on the country)
Payment Paypal
Will shipped on name and payment address Paypal
In note Paypal
Will added description and photos
I always make photo 2 sides parcel in Post Office while dispatch
Payment Contact description below

2) In Countries where not trackable , very long shipping or countries is not safe
a) Example
Shipped with track number , always trackable by Russia to border of your Country ,
then not trackable in your country (in your country does not support track number Russian Post)
b) Example
Long shipping South America
I always make photo 2 sides parcel in Post Office while dispatch
Payment Contact in other countries there may be other names (IntelExpress, MoneyPolo or Ria)
Please choose in Contact your country and city for list banks
Cost fees possible to call and clarify at the bank by phone
For sending payment
Inform the operator in the bank
Recipient of payment Name , City , Country and Phone
For sending payment in bank need your passport
For receiving payment , need number payment from receipt
Desirable in note Payment (tell operator in bank)
add description item which will shipped
Item will shipped on name payment in receipt

3) Your friend from Russia or nearby country send payment and add in note payment
Important add in note payment
a) Name item
Recipient parcel
b) Name
c) Country
d) Address or phone (possible this through forum in PM)

Spoiler  Sold:
Adventure of Valkyrie [Famicom] 8 USD
Burai Fighter [Famicom] 15 USD
DownTown Nekketsu Monogatari [Famicom] 15 USD
Kage [Famicom] 30 USD

Exed Exes [Famicom] 6 USD
Hi no Tori [Famicom] 10 USD
Urusei Yatsura Lum no Wedding Bell [Famicom] 9 USD

Tetrastar Fighter [Famicom] 23 USD
My feedback
positive feedback on auctions and forums
Additional feedback , photos or questions, please in PM
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PM sent for a few games.
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